Sunday, May 10, 2009

Memoirs of a Twilight Sisterhood TwiHard...

I would like to preface by giving a special Shout Out to ‘Retired but Tryin’, cause here at the sisterhood we LOVE to acknowledge our loyal readers! Stupid Shiny Map….didn’t show New Zealand…

This House Mother has not been lazy, just a little preoccupied with work, school, home and of course her sisterhood…like they say ‘It’s better late than never’! I was writing this post and realized SNOOZE fest, get to the good parts! Ok here is my ATTEMPT at keeping this short.

Last Sunday was my first time ever attending a convention type setting, so of course I attended the “Salute to Twilight” in Los Angeles, CA. After a fun day with the sisters and panel with the stars, we headed off to the Photo Ops with Kellan and Peter. May I just say, MOVE OVER ROB AND KRISTEN, it’s all about Kellan and Peter! Though Peter already looked a little tired when we saw him, Kellan made up for it, with his playful, fun loving attitude that made us all smile…again! He did not look bothered in the least, in fact it was as if he were HAPPY to be there with his fans! After our sister Tammy decided to STOP chatting with him for an HOUR, Tamie and myself stepped up to the plate! He checked out the shirts and even made a comment and well, we got in place, he put his arms around us, ‘SAY CHEESE!’ and WHAM out of nowhere he SQUEEZED the hell outta us, now as you can see in the picture that was NO EASY FEAT to squeeze both of us at the same time, but let me tell you ladies, HE IS S-T-R-O-N-G! Then he thanks US, and checked out the back of our shirts and we made our way out. As we congregated outside we squealed a little (sorry couldn’t help it) and discussed our whole 2 minutes with Kellan! DAMN TEDDY BEAR had us all crazy there for a minute! ::Shakes head and returns to reality::

5:30 p.m.-We go in for autograph session.
Cynthia and I sat there waiting for about 3 hours until they finally called us, the GENERAL ADMIN, to get in line. Our new friend Lacey whom we met, said we might as well be the last in line and so we did. If you have A.D.D. like Cynthia does, waiting in line for an additional hour makes you do and say crazy things. I forgot to mention, but at this point we were herded to that back side of the room where the hotel keep their storage supplies, so needless to say we encountered some interesting items back there. FINALLY, we see the door, we are soo close, and Cynthia who is desperately finding something to do encounters some cloth napkins and grabs one and says, “I think I am going to have Kellan sign this for me”, just nonchalantly as if nothing of what she said sounded weird. I raised my eyebrow and shrugged and just said, ummm ok….the “line monitors” started in with their RULES and how not to look at them in eye or how they can’t personalize our items BLAH BLAH, WHATEVER already we just want to see them!
And then, it happened, they all appeared right before our eyes, beautiful angels! First Edi, Kellan, Peter and then Michael. You would think being the last ones in line that the actors would probably just barely scribble your items, not even look at you and then be herded away, NOT THE CASE! Here is more or less an account of what happened when the actors met the sisterhood!

Me: Approaches Kellan, but he appears to be doodling on the table cloth with a silver pen and drawing what appears to be ….wait, is that a MONKEY? Yep, he’s drawing a monkey swinging around on a tree……allll these people and he still has time to doodle…cute MONKEY MAN!
Me: “Hi! I know you have carpal tunnel by now, sorry”
Kellan: “Hi there!”
He begins to sign my item, UGH, he messed it up….
Me: “Hey you ruined it already!”
Kellan: “I’m sorry, (he chuckles) let me see if I can fix it”
Me: (clearly I’m giving him a hard time) “Oh well, I guess this is fine”
Kellan: *laughs* “I’m sorry, I tried you know?”
Me: *laughs and says sarcastically while raising eyebrow* “Ok thanks!”
::laughs continue and waiting for Peter but people still taking up his time, then I hear Cynthia::

Cynthia: Hands him her book and the ‘NAPKIN’.
Cynthia: “Hi, I was wondering if you could do me a favor and scribble on this napkin for me?”
Kellan: “Ok, so you want me to scribble on this for you?”
Cynthia: “Um actually, I was wondering if you would write something on there so I can tell people that we had dinner together.”
::Mind you Cynthia has a smart ass attitude, but Kellan is well aware she is playing, he smirks….::
Kellan: “Sure.”
::Meanwhile, Kellan neatly folds the napkin twice and begins to write, and remember I told you Cynthia has A.D.D? It kicks in again. As he’s signing Cynthia points at his shirt that is full of make-up (obviously from photo op)::
Cynthia: Interrupts him “Sorry about that earlier.”
Kellan: “Yeah what’s up with that?”
Cynthia: “Well I was trying to get closer to you, I couldn’t help it. By the way I really didn’t like how my picture came out, I was wondering if we can have another photo session?”
Kellan: “Sure, just tell me when.”
Cynthia: “Well we can do it now. I have time for you.”
::Kellan starts to say something, when…A.D.D::
Cynthia: “By the way what’s up with you talking crap about North Dakota? I’m from North Dakota, I didn’t think that was very nice of you.”
Kellan: “Oh really? What part are you from?” –He starts naming all these cities, we HAVE NO CLUE….clearly he knows Cynthia is full of crap, but keeps playing along. (Damn sexy Teddy Bear)
::At this point, napkin done, book is ALSO signed and she was walking away::
Cynthia: “Umm, actually I’m from South Dakota, but I still think that was pretty harsh.”
Kellan: “Hey man you guys have everything over there, Mount Rushmore, ‘blah, blah, blah’ right?”
CLEARLY calling her out, Cynthia bats her pretty little eyes, sighs, bows her head in defeat…
Cynthia: “Ok, I’m actually from California, I just wanted to tell you that was pretty harsh dude.”
Kellan laughs, Cynthia laughs we all laugh……Looks AND personality, damn sexy Teddy Bear! But before she leaves completely…
Cynthia: “Don’t forget our photo session!”
*Kellan smirks, we walk away*

Meanwhile, I’m with Peter…
Me: “Hi!”
Peter: “Hi there…..hey what’s your name?”
*Ears get hot…really? Is he going to personalize this?*
Me: “Vanessa.”
::Continues to sign::
Me: “Thank you so much you just made my birthday!”
:::Proceeds to write, HAPPY BIRTHDAY……and then in another corner he continues…..MAY YOU LIVE FOREVER:: Damn sexy Vampire Doctor!
Me: “Thank you!”
Uh oh….here comes A.D.D……

Cynthia: “Hi! Hey I was wondering if you could do me a HUGE favor. See I know you don’t know this but one of my favorite movies is ‘Can’t Hardly Wait’, and I JUST LOVE when you said, ‘AMAN-DUH’, so I was hoping you would actually sign my book to ‘AMAN-DUH’?”
::Again, says this nonchalantly as if nothing of what she just asked was out of the ordinary. Oh yeah, remember we aren’t supposed to be asking for personalization::
Peter: *chuckles* “Sure, what’s your name? *answers* Is that C-Y?”
*nods head in confirmation*
::As he is signing away she is distracted by the napkin as she is finally looking at what Kellan wrote and starts to chuckle:
Peter: “Here you go. Thank you”
Cynthia: “Thanks!”

:::Autograph session over for me, but wait, Cynthia has one more::

Finally Michael, he is ready to go….
Cynthia: “Oh My God, seriously, you are my favorite! I know everyone is about ‘Rob’ but for me it’s all about Mike Newton.”
::Publicist is pimping his website to us in the background, blah blah blah”
Mike doesn’t sign anything at this point, but puts his marker down and extends his hand..
Mike: “Thank you, what’s your name?”
Mike: “It’s very nice to meet you.” –He addresses the fact that publicist is embarrassing him a little by pimping the website while they are chatting….no biggie.
Cynthia: “So I was wondering since you are my favorite if you could sign my book in the back and on the cover?”
::Did she just ask him for 2 signatures?....*Me, nodding my head, AYE Cynthia*::
Mike: “Sure, where? Here?”
Cynthia gives him instructions and he happily signs away…..
Cynthia: “Thank you so much, and I just want to say, YOU are MY Rob! I’m not kidding, ask my sister? I came because of you.”
::*Me <--bowing my head down shaking it back and forth…OME Cynthia no you just didn’t!*::
You are probably asking, “Was she serious?”……TO ALL READERS….Yes, she was serious…..”I know, right?”…….Well I think she just made his day….LOL….Ok she does LOVE ROB too, but she really does LIKE MIKE, but she might have been stroking his ego a little bit.

So, was the wait worth it? HELL YEAH! We were the last 7 in line, and the boys were wonderful to us! Face time and banter with these fun, flirty, witty and down to earth men, it’s all about Kellan and Peter….DAMN SEXY VAMPIRES!

So as we exit the curtain laughing to begin to look at our items in awe and say, “Did that really just happen?” OUR ITEMS ARE AWESOME, here is a recap:

^ My trading card: <3 Kellan Lutz (little messed up, hehe)
^ Napkin: <3, I will always love you! <3 Kellan Lutz
^ Book: <3 Kellan Lutz
^ My photo op picture with Peter: <3 To Vanessa, Happy Birthday Peter Facinelli, May You Live Forever
^ Book: To Cynthia, Whose’s gonna want you now, AMAN…DUH! <3 Peter Facinelli (Yes! For those of you who know the movie, he put the whole quote in!)
^ Book: Front: Michael Welch and Back, Thank you! Michael Welch

PRICELESS! Worth every dime and the time! Thank you Kellan, Peter and Michael you don’t have to, but you sure know how to go out of your way and treat your fans with kindness and appreciation. The SISTERHOOD is proud to have met such a lovely group of guys! Thanks boys! Til next time……

Wait, we haven’t even told you about our adventures with the cast and the Moose, have we? Oh well……til next time ;)

Thanks to all you wonderful readers out there!

~House Mother Nessa~


  1. Sorry guys! So much for keeping it short! ;)

  2. and now i am TWICE as jealous of you guys!!! cant hardly wait is one of my FAVORITE movies ever, in fact i call one of my friends preston meyers because of it. kellan is too cute and i love him. the end.

  3. Aww that was too cool!!

    I love Cynthia's

  4. Excellent recap, Sis! I sure wish I could have gone, in Vegas SUCKS...but I'm so glad you all had such a great experience. It really is sweet of them to take time for their fans and actually seem to enjoy it. Thanks to all the boys, Edi, Mike, Peter and Kellan for your kindness to the Sisterhood!

  5. Okay did the line monitors seriously tell you guys not to look them in the eye? !!! WTF is that about? Great recap Nessa!!!

  6. Damn Kellan is so hot! Im so jealous of being stuck in NZ when they are all over there! Thanks for that post guys I can continue to live vicariously through you!

  7. Nessa great Blog!! It was living the moments all over again!!! Thanks for posing our pics we look so cute with the big fuzzy wuzzy teddy bear in the middle. Your sister has carisma for sure!! If Kellan ever saw her again i'm sure he would remember her. Sigh i'm in love all over again.

  8. JEALOUS!!! You guys get all the icing! All we get are crumbs :(

  9. Danyelle, they really didn't say "that", but yeah they were being pretty stupid about not asking them things, or barely speak to them or something! Well they didn't disappoint, they were AMAZING sports!

  10. Cute pics! I went too - but how did you receive your picture with Kellan already? I WANT MINE!

    LOL Kellan squeezed me too - He's super strong!

  11. I actually bought the JPEG and they gave it to you right then and there! :) I am waiting for the site to list our pictures!

    He IS strong right?? You wouldn't think it but HE IS! Nice seeing you around Candice!

  12. Wow I wish I did that! I thought we had to wait until they were listed on the site! I've been waiting so impatiently! haha

    Nice blog!! I just came across it while searching some salute to twilight stuff on google =)

  13. Thanks Candice! You should join us in our chat forum!!! Thanks for reading our blog here!

    Hey didn't they offer you the JPEG right then and there? I know you can get it on the site too! Look forward to seeing you around!