Saturday, June 6, 2009

Robert Pattinson talks about New Moon and Fame

Robert Pattinson Unlimited happens to be one of my favorite Rob fan sites, they have the translated article Rob Pattinson did with Metro France.


Yellow lenses and pale complexion , Rob Pattinson stopped for a few minutes on the set of “New Moon” to talk with us about the successful franchise and his recent career.

Metrofrance : When we met you in Paris, You could walk freely in the street without being noticed. I guess things must have changed since !
Robert Pattinson : I can’t walk in the street anymore, except if I’m dressed up! (laughs). In fact it’s a relief to come back on a set.

Metrofrance : Were you surprised by the huge success of the first sequel ?
Robert Pattinson : I am still surprised ! Even here, on the set. Yesterday, there were 300 people waiting to catch a glimpse of us. It’s absolutely crazy : everyday I talk to someone who loves it, or who knows someone who loves, Twilight” ! It’s so crazy that I don’t dare get outside. Even when I arrive at an airport, there’s always a custom officer to ask me an autograph for his daughter !

Metrofrance : Did you choose a different approach for Edward ?
Robert Pattinson : Yes a lot. I consider now he is a ghost, a thing out of Bella’s mind. I am more a memory than a character, which is very weird. I must give the impression that his world is about to collapse any second

Metrofrance : Are you going to sing again on the soundtrack ?
Robert Pattinson : I don’t think so, even if it’s too early to state it! Twilight’s soundtrack sold out so well that a lot of famous bands want to be part of it !

Metrofrance : You must have a lot of propositions. How do you choose the “good ones” ?
Robert Pattinson : My schedule is tight up to the end of the year, and all the roles I have chosen are completely different one from another. I can’t give you more details because all the contracts are not signed yet. But obviously, I don’t choose according to the type of film but according to the screenplay and the character. Only one thing matters : I must like them.

Metrofrance : When you were a child , were you fond of a particular actor ?
Robert Pattinson : As a kid, I didn’t know I was going to be an actor. So when I started, it took me 3 or 4 years to realize it was really my job. However if I had to choose, I would say Jack Nicholson and Jean-Paul Belmondo.

Metrofrance : Belmondo ?
Robert Pattinson : I like his being an anti hero, the kind of actor who seems to be self confident and who doesn’t mind assuming his feelings.


  1. No matter how many interviews I see or read about Rob it still amazes me that he is just as humble now as he was a year ago. This man has no clue the appeal he has. I hope his career stays successful and continues to be more so but I also hope he retains this amazing humbling quality that he has about him. It's the attitude he carries that holds his appeal, that lets everyone know that he thinks no better of himself then he does of anyone else. He's just a regular guy trying do what he loves. Great interview!!

  2. I know it's hard for you Rob, but you seem to be a little more comfortable these days with your interviews! I know you might not understand us much and why we adore you, but dont worry we wont be jumping outta bushes and scare you! Good interview!