Friday, June 5, 2009

Help Send AngstGoddess003 to Comic-Con

Are you going to be at Comic-Con in San Diego in July? Do you read FanFiction and worship the ground that Wide Awake author AngstGoddess003 walks on? Would you like to know that she's also at Comic-Con and you might actually get a chance to meet her?

AG has been asked to cover the New Moon panel as an admin for the TLYDF blog. However, she lives across the country and we would like to help get her out to SoCal. She'll obviously have airfare, transportation costs and room and board expenses, so I'll be accepting donations to help offset those.

If you'd like to help me in this endeavor, please send any amount ($1, $5, $20, ??) using PayPal to the email address 1cali4me@gmail[dot]com (be sure to put a "." in place of [dot]). I'll be accepting donations up until July 22nd, so I can present her with the full amount collected at Comic-Con the next day. We'd love any amount you can provide and I'm sure when she hears about this she'll be very grateful for your support.

Let's show her how incredible our readers are and thank her for being such an amazing friend to The Twilight Sisterhood.


  1. WOWZA!
    who knew AG was such a hottie?

    and you know I've got 5 on it.
    (and by that i mean more than 5. i just like saying that.)

    let's all do our part to get AG - arguably the most popular and integral author in our fandom - to Comic Con this year! It's a great way to say THANK YOU for all the blood, sweat and tears she's put into Wide Awake and the fandom as a whole. How many fics have you fallen in love with on TLYDF's recommendation? How many sleepless nights have you spent devouring the epic emotional rollercoaster that is Wide Awake? She puts and incredible amount of time and effort into everything she does for this fandom - let's do our part to give back.

    (I feel a little like Mel Gibson in Braveheart.)

    /descends from soap box.

  2. GAAAA!!! I really wish I could go and meet her!! That would be Totes Awesome!!!! (MY GAWD she IS H-O-T)

  3. She is gorgeous and damn it I wish I lived out that way!!!!!

  4. You guys are just... GAH. The sweetest bestest people to ever exist on earth, I'm convinced. You'll never know how much the blog and I appreciate the help! I've been gathering things and going over ideas and I'm so excited to go! If I have to walk and eat cardboard and sleep in weird abandoned vehicles, I will do so. Gladly.

    You have all my love. ALL. My fiance and cats are all extremely jealous.

  5. cardboard boxes...unless you want to share one with HoboRob which you know...I'm joining in.

    I can't tell you guys how excited I am to be going to comicCon with my bb. I have a list of things for us to do.

    1.stalk rob
    2. stalk david boreanaz
    3. stalk jacksper
    4. video tape entire thing
    5. force AG to watch Twilight on my iPod
    6. forcing AG to go in public and away from the interwebs.
    7. and most important to her...coming to see all of you.

    i could name more but most involve elaborate plans to tackle and de-pants rob. You can tell she's pretty tall...


  6. know we love ya, bb, and we'd do anything to help a sister out!

  7. AG, I live in San Diego and my sister + friends have 4 days passes to Comic Con. We are 15 min away from convention. If you need with transportation, help.. just advise. We're very responsible mature ladies in our 40's that are totally fun, w/daughters fans of Taylor + we're fans of Jackson whom we danced w/during his 100 Monkeys concert.

  8. Ooh, sounds like so much fun, count me in! We're looking forward to seeing you chicas, as well.

  9. let's have WA finished first. THEN i'll think about donating.

  10. Why are you all talking about AG photo, is there any around? Would love to see my fav author!

  11. Angel we don't stalk....we observe!! *grin*
    AG don't worry TS and fans alike will take care of ya!

  12. tsfan you are awesome! So will you be meeting with the SISTERHOOD???

    Amz, payment #2 coming right up!

  13. Oh wait, does this mean I WONT be able to meet AG if I'm not there on FRI???? You mean we wont be having drinks? F that, I'll drive back down to SD shoot! So AG we having a shot or what??

  14. Oh this reminds me of the old days. HP used to do shit like this all the time. I'm getting the popcorn.