Saturday, May 9, 2009

Welcome Readers!!!

Bienvenue! Willkommen! Benvenuto! Multumesc! Huan Ying! Karibu! That would be a great big WELCOME to our vast and diverse reader pool!

Although we are a very young Twilight blog, we are so pleased to see our readership expanding daily with visitors from over 35 countries with the top 4 represented below. We are jazzed to see that what we're doing here is reaching so many people all over the world.

Whether you found us through a search engine with some crazy request like:

"how did twilight get nominated for an mtv award" - The Fandom United!
"when nikki reed meet jackson moose" - March 31st
"where can you find wide awake by amanda bell" - You can't! But, here's her Interview with the author.
"who is bobby longs manager" - That would be Phil Taylor
"what sam bradley says about robert pattinson" - He cooks great beans?
"what is a snuggy party" - A little slice of heaven
"how to meet robert pattinson in person in las vegas" - I promise this wasn't my own personal search, but I'd still love to know the answer to that one myself. *grins*

Maybe you found us linked through another blog site, or were sent our link from a totally awesome friend, but no matter how...we welcome you with open arms, thank you for checking in and invite you to come back over and over again.

Here's how some of the traffic stacks up during different time periods throughout the day. You'll notice the first map has pretty good coverage over both US coasts including Canada & a light spattering in other countries. The next shows a much heavier concentration over in the UK, France & Germany. The third shows that we've added some readers in Africa and Saudi Arabia while the Canadians have nodded off to sleep or something.We like to think that the return visitors in British Columbia are the cast keeping tabs on us here at the Sisterhood. That or possibly Sam Bradley after getting a Google alert on his name. We'd love to have you all stop in, stay awhile, make yourselves at home and feel free to comment or contact me directly. Oh, and...Rob, just so you know, we have Hot Pockets! ;o)Thanks, again, we love each and every one of you! Come back soon...ya hear?


  1. i'm partial to the meatball sub hot pockets myself.

    *whispers* rob, come see me. i make homemade calzones. you can even microwave them if that's what your little heart desires.

  2. I will make the entire cast gourmet cookies of their choosing.... multiple types if necessary.

  3. Note to Sam Bradley: We know you "see" us... and we are not being creepy or stalker-like... we just happen to know that this post shows up on a Google Alert for "Sam Bradley"...That's all... pinky swear, promise.

  4. I dont know why it doesnt show me on your map! im reading you guys all the way from New Zealand! This is the best twilight blog ive found btw!

  5. Wow New Zealand! That is so cool!

  6. The first line of this post reminds me of the "It's a Small World" ride at Disneyland, when the boat first enters the ride, and they have all the different translations of "Welcome" on the wall!

  7. Wow, RBT...we are so honored to have you with us!! Thank you so much for your kind words, you've made this birthday girl very happy!!!

  8. So hilarious... If only I could write like Samantha... :-) Nope. Instead I'm a Twilight Examiner. Nothing special :-)

  9. Bull're our cherished Twilight Examiner...very Special to Us!