Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jackson the Moose, The Dills, and Nikki Reed: what an evening!

Okay, so here is the promised blog post:

It was Tuesday night and I was driving in Hollywood, something of a regular occurrence these days. (No one tell my dad. Even though I haven't lived at home in years, he would completely flip if he knew where I was driving.) We met up with some of our fellow Team Moose Sisters at the Panic Room in Hollywood, for a show featuring the Dills, hosted by Nikki Reed.

We knew that it was going to be an interesting evening, since it started with parking blocks away in one of those neighborhoods that I can't mention to my dad, and Jackson the Moose being thrown out the window of a car while illegally double parked on Hollywood Blvd. (In case you are wondering: Jackson was caught before actually landing on Hollywood Blvd.)

I have to start off with: Nikki Reed could not have been nicer. She mingled with the "crowd", signed a million autographs (yes, one of them was Jackson the Moose), took even more pictures with everyone, and talked with everyone like she has known them all her life. She was just one of the people there to listen to her friends' band, who just happened to be an actress.

The bands: D'Angel and La Vendi (which according to the awesome Vaude of The Dills Players translates to The Vending Machine, in Italian. But more on them later...) and The Dills. Check them out. They are all new and upcoming bands, that I think we will be hearing more about soon!

The Dills were great. Seriously take a minute or two, or ten, check out their myspace page. Listen to their music. Buy a CD. When you listen to the song titled: Dawn, think: how great would this sound in New Moon? Sage may have brought this to our attention, but I think that she may have a good point. FYI: Nikki plays a mean tambourine. She may just give Jerad Anderson (from the 100 Monkeys) a run for his money...Just saying...

The Vaude of The Dills Players: One word: Hysterical. They kept us entertained, while in between bands, with their commentary, song, and some dancing. They even "interviewed" Nikki from the stage. We are now better informed as we know that Nikki "does not have a favorite ice cream topping, as she is lactose intolerant and does not eat ice cream." She used her "survey the audience" option when asked what dead famous person would she like to have lunch with. Ultimately deciding that she did not like the audience choice. They also included The Dills and Nikki, in their own version of "the Meadow" scene... I think that I may have enjoyed their version better.

I have to admit, I was curious who the "special Twilight guest" was going to be... It was supposed to be Kellan. However, he was driving in from Arizona and did not make it. He did talk to Nikki on the phone during the show, and told her to tell us "hi". Kellan: we missed you. About this same time Nikki also called Jackson, while on the stage. She put the phone on speaker phone and unfortunately we got his voice mail, but the audience got to leave him a message. I am sure he is all broken up about not picking up his phone last night. Because that would have been the best phone call. Ever.

Thank you to The Dills and to Nikki for an awesome evening! (And to think I almost considered passing on this in the first place..)

As pictures are sent to me, I will upload them to this post. I learned something VERY important last night: I NEED a new camera. Note to my husband, who may or may not read this blog on occasion: Cameras make excellent birthday gifts. :D

MySpace pages for the bands:
The Dills:

La Vendi:



  1. Awww...that's awesome! I love that she posed with JTM. He's such a stud and gets all the chicks!

  2. Erika was taking a random picture of JTM on that scale, Nikki saw what was going on, and just jumped into the picture! It must be JTM's animal magnetism.....

  3. Did JTM get his autograph? I miss Kellan!!!

  4. Yes we did get the autograph! She asked who else had signed, so we pointed each out. Tara got a great photo of her signing.

  5. How cool!!! Did she ask the story behind the moose or anything? Sounds like a blast.

  6. should blog more! You write well!

  7. Yay! Great post - wayyyy better than I could have ever done! And today, I thanked my dad for choosing baseball as our family sport, otherwise I probably would have never caught JTM!

  8. "Cameras make excellent Birthday gifts" . . . CHECK!