Saturday, May 9, 2009

We Love New Zealand!!!

There are not many of these types of post in this blog. And by that I mean, one that has very little to do with Twilight. Actually this has nothing to do with Twilight. Or it does and there is a super random path... Twilight the Saga -> Twilight the Movie -> Twilight Fans create the Sisterhood -> Sisterhood creates a Blog -> The Twilight Sisterhood Blog has followers -> Some of those followers leave pretty amazing comments. So you see this has EVERYTHING to do with Twilight... :D

We got the greatest comment earlier today and we wanted to give a shout out to New Zealand and our very favoritest New Zealander, or Kiwi, if you will:

Retired But Tryin! said...

I dont know why it doesnt show me on your map! im reading you guys all the way from New Zealand! This is the best twilight blog ive found btw!

So I have no clue why New Zealand was not highlighted, but the # 5 ranked in our ranking of 500 visitors taken yesterday was from IP addresses that don't show where they originated from, so I have decided those visitors MUST be from New Zealand!
Thank you Retired But Tryin' for your kind words. We try real hard to bring y'all as much info as we can possibly find, and then some. :D

Unrelated to New Zealand but related to our awesome readers:
WaterGirl asked me a question via the whole "Google Follower Friend thing" forever ago, and for the life of me I can not figure out how to reply.

SO here is your answer:

Yes, WaterGirl, that is THE Jackson Rathbone that I am standing next to in my profile picture.

I have been super lucky to meet 3 members of the Twilight cast. (And by that I mean be rendered utterly speechless in their presence.. I thought I got over that a REAL long time ago when I was like 9 and talking to a boy I had a crush on...It was total 4th grade all over again... And 4th grade was so long ago it is painful to try and do the math...) They have all exceeded my expectations and have been SO nice and gone way above and beyond the call of duty signing autographs and taking pictures.

Thank you to all of our amazing readers, we love you all!

Hey got a question for us? Something you have been dying to know? Email me at . We would love to hear from you!


  1. Yes, I commented on the original post that RBT posted on, but I can't say it enough...Thank You so much for your kindness and for sticking with us. We love YOU!!

  2. LOL! Thanks Ladies, I think we must start a segment to sending a "SHOUT OUT" to our readers from all over!

    Thanks RBT.....we hope to continue to make you and others like you HAPPY!

  3. Awesome!! I've always wanted to visit NZ!!!

  4. Greetings from NZ!!! This is an AWESOME TWILIGHT BLOG!!! Now I can get my complete twi-dish daily! If only I found this blog sooner! Anyhoo, keep it up and thank you!

  5. WooHoo...another New Zealander!! Cazzy, thanks for stopping by and showing us some love. We will continue to show you the love by sharing our passion for all things Twilight. We're so pleased that you like what we're doing here. Please be sure to Pay It Forward and share our site with others you think might like it, as well.

  6. Yes! Thank you for your support! Hmmmm...perhaps you ladies would become an "official" sister and start your New Zealand Chapter?!

    Sisters, we might want to start a shout out segment out there to our world wide readers becaus as you can see, they get talkative! ;)

  7. Wow you guys just made my day with your shout out! I keep getting the urge to blog about twilight and im currently reading the books for the fourth time each in the last two months haha and listening to the cd once again! Maye i should just start blogging about twilight..i mean i dont have anything better to think about :-)

  8. Woohooo NZ!! Represent! The picture of the sheep is hilarious. You should have used one of the giant kiwifruit instead lol

  9. Hi Kim!!! Another NZ'lander??? SWEET! Soooo come on NZ, you guys going to start your chapter and represent the Twilight Sisterhood?? Hmmm a Giant Kiwi huh?? Hmmmmmmm........

  10. I want the twilight cast (rob, taylor, kristen and cam)to come to new zealand and not auckland but ROTORUA the best place to nz.....