Monday, June 8, 2009

Sam Bradley final show in Los Angeles!

On Friday night, Sam Bradly played his final show in Los Angeles on this leg of his tour. Its hard to believe I've seen Sam play 4 (that's right F-O-U-R TIMES!) since Memorial Day and I if I could I would see him again and again. Which is alot for me.

With each show I learned to appreciate his talent, his lyrics and (my favorite) his wit. Sam has this natural energy, that makes you want to dance to his music, sing ever line and pray he'll continue to sing. You want tech guy to NOT pay attention to the time and just let him sing. I find myself shaking my hips and not caring if anyone is watching me. It's safe to say Sam Bradley is just that talented. I love finding an artist that gets my heart pumping. Between him, Bobby Long and 100Monkeys a girl can go a little crazy.
Sam Bradley usually has a full band playing with him but for the LA shows it was just him, his guitar, and his lyrics. For 2 of the shows his mom Lee Lindsey sang with him but on friday be brough violinist Sonya Lee to the stage (apparently they just met a few hours before the show) she followed Sam's lead for the songs she was unfamiliar with and made Too Far song even more bittersweet then the original.
After the show Sam didnt disappoint fans, he signed t-shirts, post cards and took pictures for more than an hour. After Sam was nice enough to take a picture with me(....AGAIN!) I asked him a question (LOL like I was a reporter or something!), he looked a little tense but he was cool.

Me: Sam if you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?

Sam: (looking relieved) Can they be dead?

Me: Of course

Sam: Ray Charles

Me: Thanks Sam!! (gave him a final hug and sashay off)

When I heard Sam say Ray Charles I didn't need to know the reasoning why....he said: RAY CHARLES - Nuff Said!

I had to add another clip of Sam singing Too Far Gone on 5/27/09 @ the Hotel Cafe performance. Its hard to believe he was battling a cold when he was singing this song!
Isn't he great?!


  1. I love Sam, if I was in LA I would have gone to all of his shows too. :D

  2. You know I second all of your sentiments, Tam. He really is amazingly talented, incredibly witty and sincerely genuine. I feel blessed to have been able to see him and hope to again one day.

  3. he will be back on the 29th i believe. we need to go.

  4. Sam is the best.Can't wait to see him again.Great article Tammy

  5. I wish I was able to see him live, but you girls posted a lot and I got to hear a lot of the shows. So thanks girls that was second best for me.