Thursday, June 4, 2009

Christian Serratos: Not Just Another Pretty Face

Christian Serratos did a terrific job bringing Angela Weber to life for fans of Twilight in the film adaptation of the acclaimed books. She's been performing in one capacity or another most of her life through competitive figure skating, dancing, singing and modeling. It wasn't until she did theatrical modeling for Ford that she realized that she enjoyed it and might actually like to pursue acting. has a great exclusive interview with the 18 year old actress with these being a few of the Twilight/New Moon highlights:

IESB: How did you became a part of Twilight? Did you just go through the regular auditioning process for it?

Christian: Yeah. I just got a call from my agent about this film, and I thought I should probably do my homework and figure out what it was all about. And, that’s when I saw the slight obsession with it. I was like, “Oh, don’t screw this up,” and I did. I flew all the way from Minden, Nevada, ‘cause I was living out there, at the time. I completely messed up the audition, but I guess (director) Catherine Hardwicke knew what she wanted, and she had faith in me and brought me back in. I just flat-out blew the audition. Because I did do my homework, I realized how big it was and I think it psyched me out.

IESB: Was Angela the character that you had always auditioned for, or did you read for anyone else? Christian: I was originally called in for Jessica (played by Anna Kendrick). There was a lot of mixes and matches, and chemistry reads. They kept calling me in for Jessica, but at the last minute, they were like, “Can you read for Angela?,” and I was like, “Oh, yeah, totally!” I was really excited because I really liked that character. I wear glasses. The glasses I wear in the film, I’ve worn. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was little. So, I put my glasses on and I put my hair up in a ponytail for the audition. And then, I went up to film and we were talking about looks for the different characters, and Catherine told me that she liked my glasses and ponytail, so she said, “We’re gonna keep it.”

IESB: How much of Angela will audiences get to see in New Moon?

Christian: They’re going to be pleasantly surprised, through the whole movie. I think they’re going to get enough of everyone. I don’t think anyone is going to wish they had more. I think they’re going to be really happy.

IESB: How is Chris Weitz, as a director?

Christian: He’s handling it. He’s extremely organized. You would expect someone who was that organized to be really uptight, but he’s the most relaxed and laid-back person you’ll ever meet. I don’t think I saw him stressed out on set once. He knows what he’s doing. He’s doing a great job, and the script is awesome. He’s a really fun, cool guy.

IESB: Does it help you feel more anonymous that you get to play more of a character in the film?

Christian: At first, I thought it would be more difficult because I was going to look in the film like I do in real life, since I’m wearing my own glasses. But, I don’t wear my glasses as much as I should. It’s been cool to have that disguise that I could put on and off. It’s been pretty easy. When I booked Twilight and people started calling me Christian instead of a character name, I was like, “Oh, damn!” That was so weird to me. After doing Nickelodeon, everyone called me by my character’s name and I was like, “That’s cool. They recognized me.” But, when they start calling you by your real name, that’s when you know it’s big. I remember I went to the bank and the teller girls at the window started freaking out and had me sign Breaking Dawn books. I was like, “This is weird!”

Be sure to read the rest of the interview where Christian discusses her music career and the launching of her new clothing line that may, or may not, be called "Kish" which is her nickname.


  1. hmm, interesting that those are her own glasses. i really love her, and hate that they down played her do much in the film - though i guess it was necessary due to angela's self-effacing nature.

    i love her; i think she's so talented and sweet. can't wait to see what she has going on in the future.

  2. She's gorgeous. I remember checking out her myspace page a few months back and was shocked how different she looked from her chararcter.