Monday, May 3, 2010

Twilight Sisterhood & Announce our Charity Partnership & Contest!

Here at the Twilight Sisterhood we have asked us to join us to support a worthy cause to respond to the urgent humanitarian needs in Africa, so we are asking for our readers' help.'s mission statement is as follows:

To aid and support the well-being of Africa and the African peoples individually, socially, financially, politically, educationally, ethically, and spiritually, focusing on the development of individuals, children, families, and African groups that foster these goals.
Currently, there are two projects is soliciting support for:

1) Zimbabwe - Container Project:

There continues to be an urgent need for almost all the basic necessities of life in Zimbabwe, so we plan to send a second container to Zimbabwe as soon as funding is available and we have sufficient items to ship.

We urgently need substantial quantities of the following:-

  • Used clothing - This will be most welcome as winter approaches. (Men, Women and especially child clothes are most needed.)

  • Shoes and sandals - So many of the people in rural Africa are barefoot, and would welcome any footwear (for both children and adults).

  • Toys-Any used toys in good condition and used bikes are also welcomed.

  • Blankets & Towels- Any used blankets, sheets and towels are basic necessities needed by the people.

  • Soap

  • School supplies - Books for all levels from Kindergarten to twelfth grade, paper, pencils, rulers (in metric measure), etc are needed.

  • Computers - Used computers, preferably with software CDs, are in such short supply. (Remember, local African voltage is 220/240)

**Please consider joining together with a group of family or friends to gather these supplies from your local sources. If you live in the Southern California area , a pick-up of your donations can be made by contacting**

#2) Zambia - Basizana ~ Young Girls at Risk Program:

This project is being run by a Zambian nonprofit foundation. The purpose of the program is to enable young girls to break the tradition of immediately becoming pregnant once they reach puberty, and thereafter receiving no education and being unable to break the cycle of unemployment and poverty. The first project involved building a shelter, which is locked at night to protect the girls so they are safe and secure. Each girl accepted into the project is provided with a mattress, soap, clothing, a school uniform and education, and is protected from abuse and sexual predators. The project began with 12 young girls and is now going to be copied in other small villages.

Maoma Village Basic School:

Another self-help program that we would like to support is called the Maoma village basic school. There is a school in this area, but it is several hours walk miles away from the village, and to get there the children have to walk through a wild animal park. Recently a census was taken of the children in these villages, and it was found that of the thousand children in the area, between six and seven hundred of them were not attending school. In addition, there is no secondary school in this area. The village elders have supplied the land for the new school. Philanthropists in the country are supporting the school by supplying free cement and brick making supplies.

Our help for this school will be both financial and with books and supplies.

**Please consider your financial support for these projects. The Twilight Sisterhood and will be announcing deets for a contest to win awesome Twilight prizes for top fundraisers. STAY TUNED TO FIND OUT HOW YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE AND HOW YOU CAN WIN!**
written by BB~

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