Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Show Me the Money SUMMIT!

Summit. Summit. Summit.... *tsk tsk*,

It's time to SHOW THEM THE MONEY SUMMIT! So the word on the street is that there are negotiations that may not be going as smoothly for Twilight stars Ashley Greene & Kellan Lutz. Now that the director for The Twilight Saga's: BREAKING DAWN has been chosen and that it will be filmed into 2 is essential that the cast be perfect for the final installment Summit!
Of course Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner have all been taken care of but it's time to remember the other cast members who have brought to life some of our OTHER beloved characters! It's one thing that "Victoria" was recast for the 3rd installment which you might remember cauing havoc in the Twilight Universe, but it's entirely another thing to think you could just replace Alice and Emmett Cullen! This is just plain insanity! C'mon it's time to pay up and give them what they deserve! It's not like you don't have the funds to give them a decent pay raise, hell I have a closet, garage and drawers full of Twilight merchandise that says otherwise!
You have met some of the TwiHards right? You know they will come after you in search of blood! Your fans are VERY committed and I think it's time that you commit to your actors who have been part of the success of Summit in regards to the Twilight Saga franchise. I'm not saying I won't go see the movie, but I will think twice about buying all my favorite Alice and Emmet merch.....just sayin'....

So Summit in conclusion......"SHOW ME THE MONEY!" and I will show you mine!

Source: Read more about it on Twilight Examiner


  1. They better give my man Kellan more money!!

  2. I totally agree with ya... Summpid can afford to pay these guys a little more for all the hard work that they have done for the first three movies. Another couple of $$$$ won't hurt them!!

  3. I'm sorry, but if what I have read is true,
    neither Ashley or Kellan is worth four million
    each. BD will be Nikki's biggest part and
    she took one million or a little under.
    I have spent money on each and every Bond movie
    and they have had five or six different Bonds.
    Look at how many men have played Batman.
    I would only be upset if it were Rob or Kristen.

    I e,
    neither Ashley or Kellan is worth four million
    apiece. Apparently Nikki is taking less or
    right at one million.. BD is her big part and
    Ashley is in it so little.