Tuesday, May 11, 2010

TwiHards can't get a break!

It's no secret in my life and especially at work that I am a TWIHARD! This is the kind of Twilight-Hate Sharpnel I get hit with every other day! Just wanted to share some of the daily abuse this TwiHard gets in the workplace. I wonder if HR will accept that I suffer from OCD (Obsessive Cullen Disorder) and that I shouldn't be made fun of.....hmmm.....I have to think about this a little more.
***Can that damn cat get off Edward already? *hisssss* BAD KITTY! Why am I so protective of this pillow? I own him as well, and he deserves respect....*coo coo*

Do you get hit with daily abuse as well? Share your story!


  1. I get made fun of EVERY SINGLE FRIEND I HAVE (non fans of course) because it's a teen series and why should I, an adult, be into that "sort of thing" cause its "so lame." Eh, I brush it off cause I am a fan and PROUD OF IT. So I shake those comments away because you know the funniest thing? Those who are like "ohh its so cheesy!" have actually seen all movies out so far and guess what? they like it! Isnt that something? *scratches head* so odd.

  2. My Truck drivers are always taking cracks at me about my Twi-Life!

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  3. Don't let them get you down... I feel it too. The people that "hate" Twilight probably love something you and I and everyone else in the world would think is lame. But, lets not stoop to their level by making fun of the fact they still sleep on their favorite batman sheets or sleep with their old big bird doll they just cant get detached from. Or the fact they probably live in their mom's basement.

    Hope that helps. Every time they make fun of you being a TwiHard. Imagine them squishing their butt into their old footie pajamas carrying around their Linus blanket and stuffed big bird going to sleep on batman sheets in their mom's basement! LOL

  4. LOL get it all the time. My cubemates call me twitard and I correct them by saying "Twihard" or if I take a day off they ask if its Twi or bobby long related....LOL!!

  5. Kassie! How dare you make fun of Batman or Peanuts (Linus). Unacceptable! Batman and Peanuts rock.

  6. Oh, and to answer the question, I don't get made fun of for Twi. I'm in the closet. I do get made fun of for my Monkey love, though.

  7. Let's see... I don't work anymore, but if I did, I'm sure my coworkers would think that I'm insane! B4 I left, I had Buffy/Angel stuff all over the place, so I guess it would be no different if I had my Twilight stuff up, they would poke fun at me!!

    As for friends, I am very, very careful as what I post on my FB page, as I get comments of "Obsessed" and "Weirdo" so I tend to tweet my Robsession more!

    I feel ya pain, girlfriend! No body understands our obsession with the series or the movies! That's why we all get along so well!