Friday, May 21, 2010

AMC Theaters to feature the Twilight Trilogy

We all knew that Cinemark theaters were going to be offering the Twilight Trilogy for one day only on June 29th with Twilight and New New Moon being shown as a lead in to the midnight showing of Eclipse. Tickets for this are available on and cost $25 (the ticket is $24 and there is a $1 processing fee) Today, AMC Theaters have also announced that They will be offering the three movies in a package deal as well that they will be calling The Twilight Experience. AMC's package will cost $30, and while this is more expensive than Cinemark's, you will get more for your money. Should you decide to go with AMC's package, your $30 will buy you your tickets for all three films, a $10 AMC gift card (and yes you can use it at concession stands), and a Twilight lanyard (while supplies last). Also, it is important to note, that if you've already purchased your tickets for eclipse, they will accomodate your request should you wish to upgrade to the Twilight Experience package. You can go to for more info on the packaage and about upgrading. I have already purchased my ticket for the Twilight Trilogy at my local Cinemark theater (since my area has no theaters run by AMC), and will definitely report back on the Twihard craziness that is sure to be occuring at the Trilogy event.

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