Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hot Topic Merchandise Preview on 5/15/10! Are you a HT+1 Frequent Buyer?

There is NO SECRET that this TwiHard is well known at several Hot Topic stores! Am I ashamed? HELL NO!!! The way I see it I keep the economy going with my Twilight Saga merchandise purchases! As a fellow Amercian (if you are from the U.S) you should do your civil duty and keep the economy thriving like me!

Yesterday I received my official WARNING! of the Twilight Saga's: Eclipse merchandise that will be available for Pre-Order! At least I will get a chance to see it online first before rushing to my local mall and wrapping myself up in new Team Edward gear! I wonder what my 22,352 points will earn me this time! Yes, that's how much $$ I spend on Twilight merchan-crap!

If HOT TOPIC was a sitcom it would be CHEERS and I would be NORM! Everybody knows my name there! Thanks for the heads up last week ladies that the merch will be in stores on June 4th, you know who will be there! ;)

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  1. I need to get some stuff this time around. I can't wait!!