Saturday, May 15, 2010 CONTEST ANNOUNCED!

A few days ago the Twilight Sisterhood and announced that we were joining forces to help a great cause! is an organization that helps the people of Africa improve their quality of life. We are asking for all of our followers to join forces and help make a difference. As we have seen in the past, Twilight fans can ban together and make a difference. We have decided to come up with a contest where everyone local in Southern California and others nationwide can participate in.

We have quite a few goals to meet! We are trying to collect a series of clothes, school supplies, books, toys and monetary donations! For those who live in Southern California you can arrange pick-up services by contacting and we will come and pick up all used goods you collect!

**Please consider joining together with a group of family or friends to gather these supplies from your local sources**

For those not in Southern California our contest will consist of monetary donations.

GOAL: Be the first time to raise $1000.00 or close to
Rules: Submit your Team Name (i.e. Team Edward) and wait for approval.Submit team name (Twilight Sisterhood: OR We want to make sure duplicate team names do not occur. You can collect cash or checks which can be sent in CHECK or MONEY ORDER form to:
P.O Box 516
Atwood, CA 92811
If you submit CASH OR CHECKS make sure in the MEMO field you put your Team Name so that we are able to track your total amount
When using PayPal through in the COMPANY NAME field make sure you put your Team Name-Twilight Sisterhood or (i.e. Team Edward-Twilight Sisterhood. We want to keep track of the site you are supporting! Also making sure we track your team's numbers accurately it is essential that you include your TEAM NAME.
The contest will run through 6/30/10 and end at 11:59 p.m.

***For Southern California residents who would like to participate in collecting items instead of raising money will also have the chance to win prizes! You will be judged by the number of bags collected for your team! If you would also like to turn in monetary donations please feel free to do so!

Because Twilight Sisterhood and are very grateful to get our followers involved we have determined we will have 1st -5th place winners!

Grand Prize Winner-* Limited Edition Twilight Mirror! (Valued up to $300) You will also receive a Twilight Saga: New Moon shirt, an assortment of Twilight and New Moon merchandise, Rob Pattinson magazine and other miscellaneous treats!
2nd Place: *Twi Tour tickets, Twilight and New Moon merchandise and also include a Rob Pattinson magazine! (*If TwiTour tickets cannot be used for any reason you will receive a prize of equal value!)
3rd Place: $25.00 Fandango Gift Card (Go see Eclipse on us!), Edward Cullen shirt, and also an assortment of Twilight and New Moon merchandise including a Rob Pattinson magazine!
4th and 5th Place winners: Receive a $10 NEW MOON FANDANGO Gift Card, Twilight and New Moon merchandise and Rob Pattinson magazine!
Good Luck and lets make a difference in the world! For Twilight Sisterhood please contact and for please contact

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