Monday, June 1, 2009

Don't Get it Twisted Robsten!

As a blogger I have to read all sorts of blogs and news articles and the one that constantly get on my nerves would have to be the Rob & Kristen affair. And there's actually people hoping they're in a relationship....well technically they are, its this thing called Friendship!! Oh my lord people Kristen has been with her boyfriend for 3 years and seems like its not going to end anytime soon (And I will give Michael his props for dealing with the over eager fans and putting doubt into his relationship with Kristen plus he's actually a nice guy.....God I hate saying it but its true, he's a gentleman).
Both Rob & Kristen have stated in ALMOST EVERY interview 'they're not together', even cast mates have said 'They're not together'. I guess people are in some serious denial. I don't think Kristen's Boyfriend of 3 years would stick around if he thought something was going on.

But people are constantly trying to hook Kristen and Robert up when in reality its not going to happen. X17 is saying they're hooking up because they had dinner's have two of the SHYEST people in Hollywood dealing with photogs and over eager fans following them everywhere they go. They can't buy gum without someone taking their pictures or tweeting about it. Robert is being chased by fans, so yeah they're close because they're both going through the same shit and seem to have a good friendship.

My favorite has to be because Kristen met Rob's parents at his birthday party then it must be serious! Well let me break it down for you.....Rob invited his cast mates (that includes Kristen) out to dinner to celebrate his birthday and his parents came down for a visit and met his friends. (Several of my male friends met my parents but it didn't mean wedding bells!) I'm sure Rob has introduced several of his friends to his parents over the years but it doesn't mean he's hooking up with any of them. So that means since Ashley met his parents, they're also sleeping together, right?

Sorry I have male friends whom I've been close to and had a NON sexual relationship, some have even slept at my house but doesn't mean I was sleeping with them. I think these Robsten people need to let that crap go.

Most people know I'm not a Kristen fan, I deal with her and learned to accept her but seriously people give the girl a break, LET IT GO!

I think these Robsten people need to let that crap go.

Please don't get it twisted Rob and Kristen are just friends.


  1. LOL, Plaine! They are also in a relationship called CO-WORKERS too.....they need to work together! Geez people, lets give them a little bit of breathing room!

  2. amen, plaine! you know how i feel about this issue.

  3. Kristen is not with michael anymore . And that is just normal. Young love don't last. And she is not dating Rob either. Because she doesn't need a man. I just wish people will stop assuming that just because you're a girl, young and beautiful it means you need a man or your life is not complete. Noone needs a man in her life. Just grow up people.