Wednesday, June 10, 2009

13 Reasons Why Smart Girls Love Robert Pattinson

So many people (men) have been perplexed by the fascination that has held the attention of females everywhere and why in the world we just LOVE our Rob. Although to many there may be lists upon lists of reasons why, Connie Ann Kirk, the Book on Film Examiner, sums it up very nicely with just 13.

"Before we begin, it is important to note one thing about smart girls and Robert Pattinson. They know the difference between Robert Pattinson, the actor, and Edward Cullen, his character in Twilight." Point well taken and well spoken if I don't say so myself...

So, lets run do a brief run down the list shall we??

1. Smart girls aren't dumb when it comes to embracing tall, good looks; they just want to be sure there is something more behind what they see.

2. Smart girls love talent.
3. Humility Scores big

4. Robert Pattinson reads

5. He has a great sense of humor

6. He knows how to be a gentleman and when

7. He listens and hes articulate

8. He thinks

9. He's a kind and generous public figure and friend

10. He's not perfect

11. He's not afraid to show his vulnerability

12. He's creative, has ideas and ambition

13. The whole Hollywood thing does not overly impress him

Obviously (BIG O)the number one thing on the list is his good looks, but along with that he has so much more!! Any smart girl will tell you that a guy will only hold her interest if his qualities have substance and I do have to say that our boy Rob has plenty of substance!! His humility always seems to get to the core of it for me. No one likes a guy who's full of himself and Rob has no clue the appeal he holds. I think that in itself is has to be the biggest turn on IMHO.

One more thing and I'll leave you with the link to just read the entire article for yourself because there are 13 things and I really could keep going but I'll spare you, for now...

That.British.Accent. That man could recite the alphabet and I would turn into a puddle of goo. This is a man that has a fantastically beautiful British accent! Have you EVER heard anything roll off his lips in that accent that did not sound good? Have you??? Me neither.

Click here for the article

Source: Books on Film Examiner


  1. Also, he's funny as all hell! I love a guy with a great sense of humor.

  2. Sorry, just realized that's up there. I'm an idiot. Forgive me.