Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gotta Love Google Analytics

I have read posts on other blogs about the keywords that people have used to find their sites/blogs. Today it is my turn. After glancing through the 691 different terms that have been used, (some more than others) I found several that I consider share-able. I have included the search term and my personal commentary of each. There were also some burning questions that people had been googling. I did my best to help out with the answers. (I left each search term exactly the way I found it, typos and lack of capitalization included...)

harry potter sisterhood: Um sorry, you have reached the wrong website.

learn guitar: I think this one might be my favorite. Not only do you learn amazing Twilight related things, you will also learn guitar in a few simple lessons from our website.

in twilight waht is bell's moms name: Renee

how long is access hollywood: 30 minutes

rob and nikki fanficton : Even though Nikki and I are now BFF's since we hung out together on Tuesday, there will never be that kind of fanfiction on this site. And to those of you who wrote on this blog: Don't get any ideas, I have ways of making sure those kinds of posts never happen. Kapeesh?

soundtrack la fevre: I have no response for this one.

twilight i don't get it: then why exactly did you click on the website titled Twilight Sisterhood?

twilight videos of when he stops the car : I only thought this one was funny because we have apparently stopped calling him Edward and just refer to him as "he".

what is taylor lautner's parents names and who is taylor lautner's parents : Are you planning on sending them something? This one sounded a little stalker-ish, if you know what I mean?

what page was the car accident in twilight : In the Hardback version, page 56.

where does ashley greene shop? and where can i find ashley greene's outfits in twilight? : Because you know that we are BFF's with Ashley, right?

where will robert pattinson be when little ashes is released : I am not sure, but as soon as you figure this one out, please email us and let us know.

who is rob pattinsons agent the guy : I thought it was funny that this person felt the need to clarify the gender.

ami: Ami I think you have an admirer, you are being googled.

who has seen ashley greene at 100 mokeys show: Tammy has!


  1. No freakin' way?! I've been Googled? Maybe it was Rob...he likes to Google!

  2. Don't suppose you got his ip address from that search? 8D