Friday, January 15, 2010

WW's Fic Rec Friday

Oh hi. Been awhile, yeah? I'd apologize but we both know it's not likely to be the last time I am fail. I will do penance with two amazing new recs though.

When the Words Scream by LaraIsAwkward
RATED: M for dark themes, adult situations, some serious freaky stuff and hopefully lemons. ::Twilighted::

Summary: What happens when the mind lies and you can no longer trust the world as you see it? If your perceptions are false, how can you know anything to be true? Bella Swan's life is a nightmare; a nightmare calling itself "Alice". AH, OOC, Mature Themes

One word: miiiiiindfuck.

The prologue is gripping and just downright creepy - and for a psych nerd such as myself, fascinating and a wee bit fist-pump inducing. Bella has obviously had some sort of mental break, her hallucinations coming in the form of Alice.

And you guys? That little girl is FREAKY.

She's horribly evil, and we really haven't even begun to see the depth of her malice. We know she's not real, but when everything about her is tangible how is Bella supposed to hold onto logical when all her senses tell her otherwise?

The first chapter shows Bella before the breakdown, at a swim meet. We are introduced to Edward who is jesus christ, just so hot. HE'S A SWIMMER Y'ALL. I have a thing for swimmers. I call him Speedoward, even though he doesn't technically wear a speedo. (I have recently learned this squicks some people out. Do not think about the fat slobs you see on the beach, you guys. Think lean muscle, a body built like a bullet and an Edward sized peen. OM NOM NOM NOM.) Bella is... Bella. Kind of socially awkward, but an all-around normal girl. She and Edward are best friends, but Lara has done a great job of subtly letting us know there is more beneath the surface - for both of them.

They are both champion swimmers, on the cusp of college and realizing the dream they've worked so hard for... and considering we know what's going to go down with Bella from the prologue, the foreboding is ridiculous. I've had the pleasure of some sneak peeks into the coming chapter, and believe me when I say your mind? It will be fucked.

On top of all of that, it's extremely well written. Lara has crafted the intensity of each scene perfectly - the psychological terror and helplessness in the prologue, the anticipation and excitement of the swim meet in the first chapter. I can tell this is going to be a fascinating and beautiful ride - in a really creepy kind of way.

Stranger Than Fiction by MasenVixen
RATED: M for adult situations, language and sexual content. (yay!) ::Twilighted:: ::Twilighted Forums::

Summary: Six years after Edward left, Bella's written a bestselling book about a girl and the vampire who loves her. Edward returns to her, hell-bent on recapturing the happily ever after that he destroyed. AU. Rated M for lemons.

You know what's really cool about this particular "What if Edward never came back?" fic? It totally makes sense.

Bella's not wasting away in grief. She's moved on with her life and is kicking some serious ass in the literary world. And ok, maybe she's kicking ass because she wrote about her vampire boyfriend and how he broke her heart. And maybe she's not really been able to ever fully get over it or allow herself to get close to anyone - but that's not the point. The point is, she didn't just lay down in the woods and wish for death, she got back on her feet and got some ass. Some seriously good ass if the first chapter is any indication. I gotta respect the hell out of that.

And Edward. Edward is the tortured soul we all know and love. He's exiled himself to Alaska, viciously refusing to even think of Bella - until some random girl comes traipsing along, thinking of all the things he's kept so tightly bound. And he's all... WTF?! How does this chick know our story? And then he figures out Bella wrote a book. And he gets obsessive (of course). He goes to New York when he knows she will be there, and finds her... with another man. BURN. He's sick with jealousy, with anger, with self-loathing. And you know what? Though my guts get a little twisty for him because he's my boo, I'm also fist-pumping for Bella. I love that he gets to see her, seemingly completely happy, in love and removed from him.

Of course, things are not everything they seem, but he doesn't know that.

That's basically where we are right now, and I can't wait for them to come face to face and for the proverbial shit to go down. I have a feeling this Bella won't be having the ridiculous 'epiphany' that allows her to skip glibly off into the Twilight with Edward without any reparations. And I am so down with that.

So... you guys should be reading these. Hop to it, and then let's talk.

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  1. Hi, I always look forward to your recommendations.
    I always check them out and almost always love them, most of them are on story alert.
    Recently I found one that I absolutely fell head over heels in love with and I would like to share it with you since you introduced me to so many of my favorites, I hope you don't mind...
    It's called "Awake in the Infinite Cold" by Quothme (http://www. fanfiction. net/s/5440286/1/Awake_in_the_Infinite_Cold#) and is not what you expect it to be when you read the summary.
    It's very original, I've never read anything like it.
    All you'll want to do is wrap this Edward up in a big, soft, fluffy blanket and protect him from the world.
    I hope you'll like it...