Saturday, January 2, 2010

New and Old, Happy 2010!

Hello Everyone and Welcome to 2010! This is my first post for The Sisterhood and I am incredibly excited to be joining them! I'm Bridget and I am the head of the Indiana "We drive like Cullen's"Chapter of the Sisterhood. I'll be posting on the weekends and look forward to talking to and meeting everyone! Let's see a little trivia on me: I am a nurse and I'm married to my college best friend, Joe for 8 years. We are blessed to have 4 y/o girl boy twins who are complete opposites. I grew up in and around Indianapolis, but now we live in "The Region",about an hour or so from Chicago. I'm really looking forward to a trip to Seattle, Forks, La Push and Port Angeles in June with some of the members up here and hope to be posting updates on that as well. I consider myself more of a "Switzerland" type Twilight fan, as I love both Edward and Jacob.

Something I found interesting recently was The 9 Best Robert Pattinson Moments of '09 as published on Lime Life by Kristine Gasbarre.

 As you will see though, it did not include the moment of him being in my friend Kirstyn's shower on New Year's Day!