Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oh, Hello There

So, it looks like Nessa didn’t screen the resumes too well when she asked for new bloggers, because here I am!

I’m RobotMoose. By day I’m a Robotics Engineer. By evening I’m wife to Mr. Moose and mommy to Toddler Moose. By night I’m a fanfic writer and reader.

I’d love to say I’m a member of a local chapter of the Sisterhood, but I’m pretty sure I’m the only one in my small mountain town that is a member of the Twi Sisterhood. The closest city is two hours away. So I think I’m it for where I live.

Because I’m not busy enough, I’ve decided to add a Baby Moose into the mix. He should make his grand appearance at the beginning of May.

I love all things Twilight, from the story, to the characters in the movies, to the actors in the movies, to everything else on the periphery. I LOVE to read books and can often be found with one in my hand when not at work or on the computer at home.

Within the fandom/Twi-world, my lust, love, desire, interests and lady bits lie with this band:

And this man:

I’m thrilled and excited to be a blogger for the Sisterhood and I hope I do you proud!


  1. Aw, baby, your blogs will be awesome. Just like your bewbs.


  2. Welcome aboard BB! I like you inspite of your Jackson facination. LOL jk

  3. Thanks, Wifey!

    And T, I'm not giving up my love for Jax, not even for you! *MWAH*

  4. I know ur gonna do us proud love and i'm so glad you joined us!!! <33333

  5. Welcome! Enjoy the craziness that is the Sisterhood!

  6. Welcome my dear! I'm also new to blogging, not the sisterhood :)

  7. Im a risk taker. I talk to you dont I? Well in any case I think you are going to be a wonderful addition to the TS blogging family! Welcome and I hope the readers enjoy you as much as we all do!

  8. Yeah, I'm not new to the Sisterhood or blogging. Just new to blogging for the Sisterhood. Nessa loves me too much to let me sit passively by in the background.