Monday, January 25, 2010

Newborn Corner

When it comes to the Twilight Sisterhood we always try to help a sister in need, and this includes the land of blogging. As you will see we have a list of blogs we enjoy and encourage everyone to check them out, but what we want to do is really spotlight the newbies in the blogging world.

When the sisterhood first ventured out, veteran blogging site Confession of a TwiCrack Head helped us out, and we want to pay it forward to the newbie Twilight Bloggers. Like Chris Weitz said, "Its sharing information and keeping the frenzy going."

Our first guest in the Newborn Corner is…..

Twiworld 24/7

Twiworld 24/7 has spunk, creativity, humor, a little craziness, and above all, a love for the Cullen's. The blog is fun to read, and Twiworld 24/7 (AKA Deejay) has a lot of great insights on the Twilight phenomenon.

My favorite part of this blog (aside from the pics of Mr. Lutz) is the idea for the Blogger's Book Club. Twiworld 24/7 blogged about having a book club stating that, "this is not a typical book club, it will be much differen't," where all the Twihard fans can express their thoughts about the books, chapter by chapter, starting with Eclipse. GASP! You mean not starting with the first book, Twilight?? But you see that is why I like this blog. It is written in a free spirited way and throws a little fun in the mix.

Now, the blogger book club has not yet started, and I think that with some more support (and followers) Twiworld 24/7 will become a favorite in the Twilight Blogging world. This is the purpose for the Newborn Corner...give the newbie bloggers some exposure and support so that they can continue to entertain us with new ideas and opinions on all things Twilight.

Show your support for our newbie blog in this weeks Newborn Corner, and check out...

Twiworld 24/7


  1. Sounds like a cool site! A book club sounds like fun!

  2. Fantastic! I have been on her blog and I love my little DeeJay! I am glad she made the first week! I hope to see her for ECLIPSE PREMIERE! Thanks for the NEWBORN CORNER! I hope this will send some exposure their way! Check them out!!!