Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another blog newbie!

Hello there!

My name is Nancy (also known as nancita in twitter world) and I'm here to introduce myself, although some of you already know me whether through twitter or I met you at Comic Con 09. I actually came to know about the sisterhood from Maria whom I met in a forum for a Colombian singer known as Juanes.

I never actually knew much about Twilight until I became submerged in the books after watching the movie. Yeah, I did it backwards. Anyway, I'm excited to be part of the blog and having the opportunity to get to know all of you! Thanks to Nessa for the opportunity!

Just to share a little bit about me: I'm 25, working towards my BA in Interior Design and will be soon relocating to California. I love the sisterhood so much, I'm heading toward the HQ. Just kidding, I am relocating for educational purposes and I'm just lucky that a lot of the sisters are there. :)

Enough about me, I'm really looking forward to hear more about you! Feel free to follow me on twitter (shameless plug or shoot me an e-mail: