Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sage and The Dills @ Hotel Cafe

Tonight I went to see Sage and the Dills play at Hotel Café for the first time. As a Twilight fan I’ve heard of Sage and some of my TS sisters have even gone to the show (I was @ 100Monkeys!) and just raved about it so this time I wanted to see for myself. Sage and Spider completely rocked the place, my favorite song has to be Dawn and I’m not coming home tonight (I’m pretty sure this title is incorrect!). Sage and The Dills opened with ‘Tall girl in a small space’ and as the night progressed I realized my friends were right Sage is a very talented singer and with Lydia aka Spider they're an unstoppable duo. Sage also had YaYa join her on stage (YaYas is a kick ass drummer for Sandman and sometimes she's backup vocals and tamborine for 100Monkey's stage) and her best friend New Moon's Nikki Reed playing tamborine and back up vocals. But that's the thing about the Dills, they love to bring new people out to jam with so you never know who's going to join her on stage.

The Dills have a very engaging show that never leaves you bored. I hope to catch more shows in the future. Sadly the CD's sold out so I can't drown myself in their I guess this means I can watch videos all day!! LOL Since Hotel Café doesn’t allow flash photography (I will say they were cool tonight) I took mostly video.
As I looked around the crowd people were just entranced by her charismatic way and sultry rocker voice, one the things I loved the most is that she wasn't afraid to interact with the crowd or while singing look you dead in the eye and then you suddenly feel like you're the only person in the room. I also saw Kristen Stewart's boyfriend Michael Angarano and Ryann Starr (bow tie girl from the first season of American Idol) were in th audience.
If you have a chance check out their myspace page: Sage & the Dills.

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  1. awww Tammy you're so lucky! you got to meet The Dills and also Nikki Reed!! lol
    I love the first video! i think the song's name is: "Here with your ghost", right? omg! i love it!