Sunday, May 3, 2009

Q&A Recap with Twilight's Michael Welch

Since there was a NO VIDEO rule I have a few high lights from the Q & A with Twilight’s Michael Welch. I have to say my favorite part was him reciting the “Arizona” line and his booty dance.

• Michael said he related to Mike Newton because they had a similar background. “Like Mike, I was in love with a girl who loved someone else, well maybe not a vampire.”
• Welch was asked if considered working behind the camera and he said he did consider directing but he realizes its more difficult than he realized. He likes knowing when he needs to show up and do his lines and leave. He is dabbling in writing but directing may be put on the shelves until later in life.
• When it comes to L.A. radio Welch is still saddened by the demise of Indie 103.1 so he listens to KROQ 106.7, 95.5 and 89.9 but no KIIS FM.
• Michael talks about the difference between plays, TV & Films. Plays are great but take up a lot of time for something not many people see, TV is so quick not enough time to really rehearsal or process and figure out the character. Film is split into 2 categories: Indie – no supervision and do what you want to do but no money for budget. Money crews are more corporate and focus groups. There is no perfect scenario.
• “I just want you to know I really appreciate this and just want to do good for you guys”, says Michael Welch.

I had a great time at the Q&A and just wish I was able to get some video to share!


  1. he's so cute. he is the perfect mike, in my opinion. i actually can't wait for the jacob/bella/mike movie theater scene.

    and 'how you likin' the rain, grrrrl?' is probably one of my top five favorite twilight quotes. i hope he has something equally as cheesetastic in NM.

  2. I thought he was adorable! In fact, because he was adorable I ended up taking a picture with him and not Edi (since Ashley was a no show). LOL

  3. Great recap! So jealous I could not be there with all of you! Can't wait to hear more stories!

  4. He's seems like such a great guy, fun, personable, etc. Sounds like you all had a terrific time, sure wish I could have been with my girls to represent.