Monday, May 4, 2009

Q&A Highlights from Twilight Convention w/ Kellan Lutz, Peter Facinelli and Edi Gathegi Part #1

Q&A with Peter Facinelli, Kellan Lutz and Edi Gathegi

OMG!! The CULLEN MEN ARE HOT!! When we first arrived we found out that Ashley was held up in Vancouver and would not make the Q&A but Edi Gathegi would appear in her place. I have to say the 3 of them together was hilarious and again I wish I had video!! They did discuss the birthday scene in New Moon, the disappointment in not going to Italy, Catherine Hardick VS Chris Weitz, etc.

Have you shot the Birthday scene?
PF: Yes. It was very intense, Jackson really got into the role. It took Kellan and myself to pull him off Kristen. I think you’ll really like it.

What was the worst thing about your costume?
EG: The lack of a costume and being barefoot. In New Moon Chris Weitz gives me shoes.

If you were not an actor what would you be?
KL: Navy Seal (HOT DAMN!!! He’s how I invision a Navy Seal!!) But his mother wasn’t too keen on that idea or Chemical Engineer. (Edi inserts something like Smart and sexy!!)

What do you do for fun off set?
KL: Go the candy store, play guitar badly (we have something in common!), draw on people who pass out, play games or simply hang out. (this question got them all confused because Kellan assumed it was what does he do when he’s not filming on NM and Peter & Edi thought it was in general then they went on some other funny story)

What advice do you have about becoming an actor?
Edi: Never give up no matter what happens. (My favorite answer because as funny as he was on the panel he was sincere with his advice.)

Are you sad about leaving after New Moon?
Edi: ::playfully crying:: YES!! Sad but will take the Twilight experience with me forever. Laurent goes out with a bang, he’s werewolf lunchmeat. It takes 5 wolves to fight me, (he pretends he in front of the wolves and says FIGHT ME! Then adds a J/K) and said one on one with a wolf Laurent would have won but it took 5 to take him down.
(I paraphrased most of that part!!)

Do you Twitter?
KL: No Twitter, No Myspace, No facebook. (He says he can’t sit still long enough to be on the computer. He was pretty antsy onstage and he even point out how antsy he was and needs to move). He only has his truck and his dog. I’m Boring (his words not mines, I particularly find it HOT!).

Would you rather be a Doctor or Vampire?
EG: ::Smirking:: Both! (and looks to Peter with a grin; Edi played a Doctor on House for an episode or two and that’ where this question came from)

(yes there's still MORE!! I have to give a special shout to my TS sisters Jordan and Maria for providing the kickass pictures!)


  1. Those guys were so damn funny together.

  2. God they're delicious! Good reporting Notetaker 2!

  3. great job, guys!

    i would like to see kellan in a wetsuit.

  4. Ha, I'd much rather see him in his birthday suit! ;-D

  5. i just wanna say i love twilight duh but i also love ma baby kellan lutz i just hope he and i meet soooo we can have fun together and fall in love. this is from kellan lutz biggest fan zira nieves send me a message