Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Moon script returned to Summit!

Okay so a woman found not 1 but 2 that's linked to hottie the Twilight star Robert Pattinson.
Casey Ray found two scripts, one for the vampire sequel "New Moon" and one for adifferent movie titled "Memoirs." She decided to return them to the studiomaking the films. In return, she was invited to attend the movies' premieres,her lawyer said.
First of all she's WAY more honest than I ever would be. Not that I would leak it but I would read it and have New Moon Parties like a crazy! And then I would call Summit to ask if they're missing some scripts and one they realize I was a calm fan I would head out to the premiere and drool over Rob discreetly.
But the real question is how did the scripts end up in the trash?
The Clooney movie includes actress Anna Kendrick, who is also in the "Twilight"vampire movie. A spokeswoman for Kendrick, Lisa Perkins, said the actress wouldn't have left scripts lying around. the plot thickens! Now maybe Kendrick told her friend to toss it New Moon because she's done and Memoirs because she didn't get the rold she wanted. But her idiot friend was text messaging someone and wasn't paying attention, therefore just tossed the scripts improperly.

When Ray found the scripts, she considered leaking them to a national tabloid but decided against it, said her lawyer, Al Watkins."My client didn't really want to get paid," he said, but she was interested in hanging onto the scripts as collector's items. Watkins helped her return them to Los Angeles-based Summit Entertainment LLC, the studio making the movies. He said the studio invited Ray to premieres for the two films, and will certify the scripts as authentic after the movies are released.

Okay I like this Ray woman, she didn't run the tabloids like most idiots and play hard ball to get some cash. She's seems like a really decent person, that's a rare trait nowadays. This is why I believe in Karma.....Ms.Ray turned in both scripts and recieved tickets to both premieres! See Earl was telling the truth!!!
Last year's original "Twilight" film grossed over $350 millionworldwide.

Everytime I read that line I hear Dave Chappelle saying "I'm Rich Bitch!" I the only one?


  1. I just think Anna should be replaced as Jessica Stanley by a certain sexy librarian type we all know and love. *snickers* Then Bella would have a run for her money!

  2. yeah but then the screen would sizzle with the chemistry between edward and jessica and the fans would be all kinda of confused.

    p.s. shhh dont tell my boss i'm reading the blog while at a dinner meeting.

    -your resident 'sexy' librarian.

  3. Okay, thanks for the info. Wow! What kind of idiot turns it in without reading it? Did and say you didn't. Now, does she still get the scripts later? Well, anyway, just let me say, however they ended up in the trash, when my friends ask why I'm looking through trash cans, I'll tell them, "There's Twilight in there!" They'll understand. LOL. :)

  4. Princess I'm with you!! I'm going to be on the look out!!

  5. Wait a minute, I wasn't the sexy librarian you were talking about? ;-p