Sunday, May 10, 2009

I couldn't Disagree With You More Mr. Loder!

I had the pleasure of seeing Little Ashes on Friday Night with Kelley and my daughter Kacey at the Lammele Theatre in Pasadena. The venue was quite charming. Located on Colorado Blvd, the Lammele Pasadena is nestled between kitschy restaurants and charming shops. For those looking to see Little Ashes, I highly recommend planning a day in the neighborhood and then catching the film in the early afternoon. There are plenty of places to park, rather cheaply at $5.00 and so much in the area to experience and enjoy.

With that said, as I was looking for news worthy items for the blog this morning, I came across a review of Little Ahses by MTV's Kurt Loder. While Mr. Loder seemed to like the film overall, he was exceedingly harsh on RPatz, which caused my protective mommy hackles to rise. Here is a taste of what Mr. Loder had to say about our darling Rob's performance: "As soon as Pattinson steps forth with DalĂ­'s famous up-twirled mustaches pasted to his face (they look like a pair of bent centipedes huddled on his upper lip), the picture — such as it's been up to that point — collapses. The actor is in a hopeless position. There's probably no way to deliver a line such as "I would like an enema"; but there's no reason anyone should be called on to say, "I'm going to Paris to see Luis — he's going to introduce me to Picasso and the Surrealists." There's barely a moment when you don't feel embarrassed for Pattinson. You want to call his agent to come rescue him from this film. Or maybe just call him a new agent altogether."

I could not disagree with Mr. Loder more, I feel that Rob was able to capture Dali's unique personality quite well. At times manic, and other times subdued, one must only take a journey onto You Tube to find evidence of Dali in each of these states. And as for the centepede remark Mr. Loder, I offer you a video portrait of Dali himself, also sporting the famous centipedes that you degrade Rob for:

And for those of you who have not seen Little Ashes, despite Mr. Loder's obvious slam, it really is a charming,
little Indie film with much to offer. And if Indie isn't your thing, I'll bet a half naked Rob is!

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  1. I can't wait to see this movie! Loder can suck it!