Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sam Bradley on Robert Pattinson

The fab Amanda Bell from Twilight Examiner has a awesome interview posted with Sam Bradley. Her is what he had to say about Rob:

I’ve spent a lot of time with Rob over the last couple of months, and [notoriety] hasn’t affected him at all.” Says Bradley, “when we go out and when someone approaches him . . . he gets a bit nervous, I think . . . that’s his first reaction, and then, once he settles, which takes a second or so, he is . . . thankful.” Robert Pattinson is, says Sam, “quite . . . proud, you know, that he’s achieving something, and people are always appreciative. Like, I rarely have I ever seen, never actually, . . . anything negative, and so it’s a good feeling when someone comes up to you and sort of just says nice things to you, and, you know, he always says nice things back. So, you know, he’s the same guy. He just talks to a lot of people.”

You can read the full interview HERE

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