Tuesday, April 7, 2009

100Monkeys @ the Scene

Just got back from the 100Monkey Show at the Scene in Glendale. The Sandman opened the show and when he sang Voodoo Woman (my favorite Sandman Song) 100Monkeys joined Sandman on stage. 

After Sandman The Absolute took the stage and completely got the crowd going and bouncing off the walls. One of the 100Monkey regulars even made me dance. The Absolute has a Classic Rock style, if you want to check out their stuff I go to their myspace page: LOVE THESE GUYS!! 

None of the other Twilight Sister had plan to come out but I sent messages to the board and convinced Vanessa and Maria they needed to join the fun with me. They got there just as 100Monkeys took the stage. 

Their set ran a little over an hour, it wasn't planned that way but the audience couldnt get enough and kept requesting songs. They did 2 type jam session songs as well as the some new and of course older songs. My video is HORRIBLE!! the lighting was simply bad but I will post some pics and maybe videos least you get to hear Jackson sing....that's cool, right?

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  1. sigh...sniffle...sigh again....I love Jackson....wish I had a free moment to spare to see him!