Friday, July 3, 2009

WW's Fic Rec Friday

It's that time again, kids!

Real life was incrediby busy this week (so busy, in fact, that I didnt even manage to get my OWN fic updated), but I did manage to read two new stories that I am just dying to recommend to you! The things I do for you guys... *shakes head*

Clipped Wings and Inked Armor by hunterhunting
Rated: M for mature themes, sexual situations and language ::Twilighted Forum::

Summary: Haunted by her past Bella is broken and alone. Starting over, can she let go of the guilt that consumes her when she meets a beautiful tattoo artist or will his own personal demons destroy them first? Rated M for langage and lemons. AH/OOC

First of all, I'm a sucker for a guy with tattoos and piercings. Period. I'd begun one other Tatward fic recommended by another author and found it so incredibly juvenile that I had to stop. That was not the case with this one. Both characters are damaged; traumatic pasts have led them to isolate themselves in different ways. Bella has moved to a new city and has no friends. She craves human contact but shies away from it. Edward is surrounded by his best friends on a daily basis, but doesnt seem to let anyone close to him. They meet and the attraction is instantaneous. He is predatory without fully intending to be, she is awkward. And it is wonderful.

And he's gonna ink her. Majorly. In fact, he already has, but the big stuff is still to come. SWOON.

It's dark and a little angsty, but tempered with humor and a healthy dose of UST and further offset by the fact that - HOLY GOD - Edward is covered in tattoos and has viper bites and a tongue ring. The mental image is too much.

It's only 8 chapters at the moment, so it should be easy for you to catch up on it. Please do so we can discuss and swoon together. I'm serious.

The Coven by Phoenixhunter47
RATED: M for mature themes, sexual situations, etc. ::Twilighted Forum::

Summary: Just staring out at Yale, Bella Swan is determined to shed her normal cautious attitude and predictable ways to embrace adventure and change. That is until she learns of an elite group hidden within the walls of her new Ivy League home. Seduced by the unknown, Bella finds herself caught up in the danger that is The Coven.

This is one of my favorite fics. (Even though I'm going to be straight up and admit I'm like three chapters behind right now. RL is teh suck. I'm sorry.) If the prologue alone doesn't grip you and drag you into the confusing web of mystery that is The Coven, well then I say you were born without the curiosity gene. And perhaps a soul.

Bella starts at Yale and moves in with her dorm roommmate - a fantastically slutty and bitchy Lauren who promptly informs her that if there is a hair band on the outside of their door then Bella is not to come in. Surprise, it happens on the first night she's there. Bella takes refuge in the library and stumbles upon a leatherbound journal filled with cryptic entries. Intrigued, she takes it from the library.

And then things start to get weird. I don't want to say too much and give anything away, but after every chapter I'm left more confused than the previous - and I mean that in the best of ways. I am suspicious of every character that is introduced. The hints the author drops and the little nuances she leaves like bread crumbs are fabulous.

I'm hooked and (as far as I've read anyway) we haven't even been introduced to Edward yet. It is a gripping and relentless mystery that seriously leaves me whispering "what the fuck does that MEAN?!" every time I come to an end of a chapter. And then I drive myself crazy trying to figure it out.

So read it and tell me what's going on because I don't have an effing clue. Alls I know is that I loves it.

Picture Windows by nerac
RATED: M for mature themes and language ::Twilighted Forum::

Summary: Bella has the picture perfect life on the horizon, a week before her wedding, tragedy strikes. While recovering she meets a stranger in a hauntingly familiar way. Could he have been sent by her late fiance?

Ok, first of all... this is the first time I'm reading the summary. OH MY GOD THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING. *ahem*

So the other night, after a more horrendous than usual day at work, I was clicking around trying to find something to read. I saw the little blinky thing for this story and had seen the author around on the boards and heard how good her story was so I figured, what the hell, I need to take my mind off some stuff...

Man. So good. But right now? So sad. It starts out with Bella and Jasper together. (I am not a tragically canon, die hard B/E shipper, so this doesnt bother me. If it gives you a twitch, hold tight... it's not going to last for long. *sigh*) It is just before their wedding, and Bella heads out for her bridal shower with her best friends, Alice and Leah. (Leah, you say?! I know, right?)

Jasper heads off to meet his estranged friend Edward, but he's in an accident and ends up in a coma. This is where we are. I am sad panda, but please don't let this sad juncture in the story turn you off. The back story is sweet and poignant, and the nerd in me loves all the photography references. The author has assured me that there will be a HEA and that this is a B/E fic.

So read it. She writes it so well and I am so excited to see where the story heads.

That's it for this week, folks. Let me know your thoughts on these, pretty please? And also, if you have any recommendations, please feel free to comment or send an email to xwearingwordsx [at] gmail [dot] com.

Happy Fourth of July weekend to all our American readers!


  1. I've started Clipped Wings and I love it!! Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Thanks for rec'ing me over here, I'm currently working on an edit of chapter 9 and I appreciate you supporting my story--hunterhunting:)

  3. I just found this and thank you SO much for the reccomendation! :)

  4. Holy Hale! I was googling - well, me - and stumbled across this rec! Oh my gosh - thank you so much.

    I am working on the next chapter of The Coven which I hope to have up befor the end of the week.

    ~ phoenixhunter47

    Thanks so much for your support :)