Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Christian Serratos Poses for PETA

Monday July 6th Christian Serratos and her puppy Gigi posed for an ad for PETA that will premiere this fall across the nation.

Christian has a very strong opinion when it comes to wearing fur "Wearing fur is NOT sexy or cool. Taking a stance and being your own person is the coolest/sexiest thing you can do. I think fur belongs on the animal, your pet. Take notice."

She even went so far as to voicing her opinion on the set of New Moon.

" This time around I felt more comfortable letting the team know that when I was dressed as Angela. I and Angela [sic] would prefer to be dressed animal cruelty free and they obliged. They were awesome! I’m so thankful that they went out of there way to find items that did not have animal products in them. It was touching."

Posted below are some behind the scene photos that were taken of the shoot.


  1. I love how she looks NOTHING like her character.
    I would never recognize her on the street.

  2. Ahh, she is so pretty, and you are right, I would NEVER recognize her out in public....

  3. Darnit, she's the prettiest twilight actress. She was found by Ford modeling agency, then she quit. I have no idea why they put such a beautiful girl in glasses and jeans! I have no idea how they made her look so geeky, but whatever is was, I couldnt recognize her either!