Monday, July 27, 2009

Rob Pattinson Mauled at Airport

*sigh* Why do skanky girls think it's ok to touch The Pretty? Would you go up to some fine ass stranger on the street and accost them? No, probably not. So why in the HALE do you think it's okay to go up to Rob Mother Effing Pattinson and do it?


Look, the power of Rob compels me too... I'm just saying, have some respect. Don't maul the dude because, I guarantee you, it's not going to make him want to fuck you. Mmmkay? Mmkay.

Also, this video makes me want to cut a bitch. I'm just saying.



  1. WW..I love your words. You always say it just so. I CAN'T comment. It pisses me off too much so. Well said bb.

  2. Oh, look and she wore her skinny jeans and her FMPs too...GEEZUS! Leave the man alone!

  3. I second that...well said!!!

  4. Git your nasty skanky ho bag hands off him already! I bet she had massive B.O. from the reaction to the second picture. Poor Rob. Plus her louie is probably a knock off. lol

    Respect the damn man already. I swear they are going to have to put him in a plasic bubble. Where is the security? I'd be throwing bitches down on the floor at this point.

  5. OMG...I can't believe that! Why do skankalicious ho's think that they can just hang all over him!??!?! It's like they think just because he is in the movies that he isn't really real. Ya know? They have no compassion about how the poor guy feels about the way they react to him! Ugh! Sick!

  6. Dear Skanks,

    You give us a bad name! Seriously, if you REALLY cared about Rob you would know that he is terrified of you wanting to jump on him. So maybe for once stop being a SELFISH BITCH WHORE and maybe not attack the man. No matter how much flannel you wear, or how tight your jeans are, he DONT WANT YOU and HE NEVER WILL! Deal with it.
    >:\ Dumb sluts....