Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rachelle Lefevre replaced?

I'm crying!! Literally crying!! Rachelle Lefevre is leaving the Twilight Saga and will be replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard!!!
According to Access Hollywood:

LOS ANGELES, Calif. --
Bryce Dallas Howard is joining the “Twilight
The “Terminator Salvation” star will replace Rachelle Lefevre in
the role of Victoria, according to Summit Entertainment, which produces the
vampirefilm series
based on the books by Stephenie Meyer.
“We are incredibly happy that Bryce
has agreed to come into the franchise,” Erik Feig, Summit’s President of
Worldwide Production and Acquisitions, said in a statement to Access
Hollywood. “Rachelle brought ‘Victoria’ to great screen life and Bryce will
bring a new dimension to the character. The franchise is lucky to have such a
talented actress as Bryce coming in to fill the role.”
Summit said Rachelle
would not be continuing on as Victoria, an evil vampire out for revenge over the
death of her lover, due to scheduling conflicts.
Bryce, the daughter of
director Ron Howard, will take over the role beginning in “Eclipse,” the
third installment in the “Twilight” series.
“Eclipse” begins filming in
Vancouver this coming August, Summit


  1. Word is Kristen Stewart demanded it of the new director, who basically caved to protect his own job. How sad these ego thing have to happen.

  2. i am so sad. She was the perfect Victoria, in my opinion. Exactly how i pictured her. Bryce Dallas Howard might have a big name, but she does not have the presence to pull of this role.

  3. This SOOOO wrong of Summit. There are more details about it, plus a poll at the Celebsession Blog. This is nepotism in its worst form.

  4. i think that people even getting slightly mad is purposterous. she was barely in the first film, and all that is seen in the second, or supposed to be seen, is her hair on top of water, she is only supposed to be talked about, so why r people in an uproar if she is another actress that looks similar, probably even more so with make up, and has similar hair, is going to show up at the very end of the movie and get her head ripped of by robert pattinson's role of edward.......ooooooooooo, big deal............people, seriously, get over is a very small role any ways, and u wont even be able to tel the difference with all the blur of the fast moving vamps, and the short amount of time she is seen on screen, and the make up....
    plus, she was in the wrong anyways.....summit finds out, what, a week before their rehersals and shooting is suposed to take place? thats crap! she should have talked with them before even accepting the second job.....and so, what where they supposed to do? spend thousands of dollars to move scheduling around, move the release date and everything, for an actress who is probably only in like one scene? thats rediculous.......

    they have backups and under studies be there i case the real actor or in this case, actress cant do the job...

    that is what Bryce is......and the fact that everyone is mad that they replaced her so quickly is absurd....they had to, or they would have been behind on schedule........thats why they have the understuddies and back ups.......

    if your angry with summit over this insignificant, neccesary replacement, then too bad! dont watch the movies! just less people the rest of us have to worry about come november and come june.......if you dont like that.....then...well......oh well.

  5. Omg! I can't believe it! Why.? I mean she was doing an awesome job! I'm so disappointed.She's the best actress to play Victoria.When I read the books I imagined Victoria exactly like Rachel.. I do not understand but anyway what's donde it's done ..And Rachel we LOVE you..You're the best..Hope to see you soon on an other movie .you're a great actress :)

  6. OMG! i cant believe this! She is the most amazing victoria ever!!!! but whatever twilight is still the best<3

    i love you jackosn rathbone(jasper hale)

  7. I wasnt that impressed by her performance to be honest. I really doubt it had anything to do with the other cast.

  8. Well we should see what happens in Eclipse!

  9. i want rachelle!!! shes waaaaayyy better than the person replacing her and eclipse is her big role! rachelle rox my sox! i growl at summit. WAAAAAAAAAA! GRRRRRR


  11. I REALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Cant Believe This!!!!!!
    It Wontt Be Thee Samee:(

  12. Eclipse was crap without Rachelle in it. Bryce's Victoria is nothing compared to Rachelle's Victoria.

  13. It was only going to be a 10 day overlap anyway.