Thursday, July 16, 2009

Unexpectingly meeting Rachelle Lefevre

The tale of a tired fangirl!

Last night I was out with my roommate and I ran into New Moon actress Rachelle Leferve (aka Victoria). She was extremely nice and very friendly. I originally put this is the Twilight Sisterhood forum but Vanessa asked me to blog about the the encounter.
Okay let me break this down.
You know I only had 2 hrs of sleep due to Harry Potter screening so I was not at my best. Whenever my roommate breaks up with someone she HAS to be active and that means no sleep for Tammy. So I was in line getting pissy that we had not been seated in the club. They finally let the group out and I see this tall girl walk by with wild wavy hair....i do a double take....that's VICTORIA hair. I look at Mari....
Me: Dude is that Rachelle LeFerve?
Mari: Who? (looking bored)
Me: Victoria?
Mari:(looking grim) Twilight shit?
Me: YES!!
Mari:dont know....
Me: (I spy the hair again)...I have to know
Mari: then go ask
Me: Naw.....bititng lip
Mari: (looking at her phone) you know you'll regret it if you don't, so go.
Me: You're right (thinking NO FEAR!)

Okay I have to know and run after her (YES I LOOKED LIKE FAN GIRL!)

Me: Um excuse me...
RL: hi..
Me: Um....are you (I MISS PRONOUCE HER NAME) from Twilight
RL: yeah., its RASHELL (I think at this point I'm memserized!)
Me: shit I'm sorry!!
RL: Don't worry about everyone does it.
Me: I saw you come out of the club and I was just curious to make sure it was really you.
RL: Did you see Jon Lovitz?
Me: No I'm in line for Aisha Tyler (Black girl from Friends, you know the Ross & Joey love triangle in season 9 & 10).
RL: oh you have to check out John its FUNNY!! (yes I will cause the beautiful red head told me to)Me: Oh I will have to check it out next time. I'm a blogger on Twilight Sisterhood, and I just had to say hello. (yes I was in dumbass mode I've had NO SLEEP- DON't JUDGE ME!!)RL: Twilight Sisterhood? Cool! (committing to memory).
At this point just staring
Me: you're going to be at comic con, right?
RL: (smirks) Yeah a bunch of us are going to be there.
Me: I'm going to be there as also. Well I know its gets
going to be a mad house so I doubt if I get a chance to talk to you again.
RL: You never know but if you can we'll chat again.
Me: (blushing....YES I BLUSH A BEAUTIFUL MAGENTA!) that will be great!
Have a great nignt it was nice to meet you.

We shake hands again. I know I say my name somewhere in between that because she called my Tammy when I left.

Now I'm even more excited about going to ComicCon next week. I can't wait to see the cast and I know its going to be a mad house!! Its going to be so exciting! Hope to see you there!!


  1. I heart you Tammy

  2. We met her once and she is amazingly nice. What a cool experience for you!!

  3. That freaking awesome T!! And something like that would NEVER happen to me!! LOL