Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Robert Pattinson in Vanity Fair?

Could it be? Will Robert Pattinson grace the cover of Vanity Fair just as Demi Moore, Jackie O & RFK, Heath Ledger, Cindy Crawford and Elizabeth Taylor? In a word Vanity Fair can be accurately described as provocative.

“Movie stars dominate the covers [of Vanity Fair],” the critic and V.F. contributor James Wolcott has astutely observed, “not only because their good looks are enticing but also because Hollywood [has become] the international Valhalla of vanity, the pagan temple and world capital of mass illusion and myth. Hollywood’s faces are the most recognizable form of currency in our entertainment culture.

No word yet on if he's even been shot for VF, but I think it's safe to assume it will be out this fall in conjunction with the November release of New Moon.

Vanity Fair isn't entirely new for Pattinson...

He and Kristen Stewart, along with 10 of their Twilight costars, were featured in an inside story in December in a sexy shoot by celebrity photographer Peggy Sirota.

In April, Pattinson and his big bushy mess of beautiful hair graced the cover of GQ.

As for the possibility of an upcoming Vanity Fair cover, reps for the mag and the actor did not immediately comment.

Why do we have the feeling Barbara Walters is going after Pattinson for her next Most Fascinating People of the Year special that airs on Oscar night? If Miley Cyrus made the cut in 2008, our favorite vampire must surely be in the running for 2009.


  1. *sigh* Another mag with with his beautiful mug! *deep sigh*........I wonder if he would be up to doing that interview and be all sorts of scurred!