Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Open Letter to Robert Pattinson

Disclaimer: I usually leave this stuff to the ladies at Letters to Rob but I too need to say something.

Dear Rob,

I was re-reading an article where you just don't get why people like you well I will tell you why I think you're so adorable I might get a toothache.

1. You're way deeper than me, I've seen some of the book titles you read and let me tell you I would have fell asleep after the 2 paragraph. That's right now a full page.

2. You drink beer. Even though i'm new to the beer world I find that sexy as hell.

3. You don't go with the trend. Most guys in your position would have done some cheese ass films because Hollywood was calling. You did the opposite you sat on your ass for months till Hollywood brought you something worthy of doing. That takes some balls and I'm lovin' every minute of it.

4. I love the fact when you find an article of clothing you wear till it falls apart or you lose it. You don't waste your money on an article of clothing and only wear once. You get your money's worth - SEXY!

5. You can play the effing guitar! Sorry that alone is a panty melter. Have you not see the ugliest guys in music with some of the HOTTEST chicks int he world. Sorry a man who can play an instrument is effing Sexy.....I'm just sayin'!

6. YOU'RE FUCKING HOT!! OHMIGOD have you not looked in the mirror? Even Justing Timberlake said God loved you more is the reason why he's not as HOT as you! Need I remind you of this little gem? I believe Lil T would say you Eyefucked me....and you do constantly. Yeah you have one leg longer than the other it's still sexy!

7. You're actually....FUNNY! I know you don't think you are but you're very witty.

8. You nervous habit of running your fingers through your hair is amazingly hot.

9. I'm not usually into smokers but I love the fact you just don't give a shit. You don't care about being the good role model. You like to smoke and people will have to deal. Not giving a shit about what people say makes you even hotter.

10. I love the fact you're not perfect. Yes you're FuckHot but you have some not so HOT moments but they're still cute. I love the fact that you have bad habits and you admit you're not good at relationships. You admit you're a screw up at times.

So Pattinson I don't like you because you play some melodramatic vampire name Edward Cullen, oh no babe I like you Robert Pattinson, the actor and musician (I think many fans hope you stop being a pussy and play some more live shows!).


  1. ITA. All of it. Spot on!

  2. Tammy! You are so right! Rob is awesome! Like he said in an interview about what people don't know about him and he said "That I'm really cool!

  3. Ladies,
    Google "13 Reasons Why Smart Girls Love Robert Pattinson" by.... (I forgot the name of the eXaminer writer). I'm proud to say weeks before she wrote that article, I had written consecutive comments on YouTube saying almost exactly what she wrote. I wish I had known the Letters to Robert site.

  4. Funny dorky guys turn me on.. ok, so pattinson is handsome too, but he's more down to earth than most celebs. and does not take him self too seriously. and he's funny. Those interviews.. lol.

    I Don't know about you.. I'm going for those dorky funny guys from now on. They don't have to be that great looking either. Nice guys do finish first at least with me from now on.. no more dating jerks.