Friday, May 15, 2009

Robert Pattinson heading to Cannes?

Thanks to ROBsessed for the tip that Rob will be attending the Cannes Film Festival next week. Here's the rough translation of Aurélie Vautrin's report with near fangirl excitement from


Oh my God, I have the fingers that tremble and the heart that beats again wild rhythm: one has just learned from sure source that Robert Pattinson - THE Robert Pattinson that does to turn the heads of the whole planet since that it showed its fangs in Twilight - Chapter 1: Fascination - will be at Canes on Tuesdays May 19!!! With a hook to the Big Newspaper of Canal +, and an obliged passage on the Markets!

One already foresees riots, tidal wave and truck of handkerchiefs because that will be the storm - that I say, the tsunami Pattinson that will do to budge the Croisette next week. Are you not on the spot? No panic, you rent a car, jump in a train or in an airplane, and one reserves you a small place to cross the way of the most beautiful vampire of the entire Earth. Of what to do us almost to forget that Brad Pitt bring up these even walk the next day...


Mmmm...what could be better than a trip to the French Riviera with Rob?


  1. booking flight as we speak. for the culture, you know. i'm a fan of culture. i love culture. i want to marry culture and have it's culture-y little babies.

  2. Culture? LOL Yeah, I think I need to go and experience some culture! Wow!