Monday, May 4, 2009

An Open Letter to David Slade

Mr. David Slade,

I want to make sure I get this right...when Twilight first came out last year you didn't want to see it (and that's your god given right!) and you even said you wouldn't see it at gun point (again you right) but when Summit decides they need a new director because of the close release dates you're all over Eclipse like white on rice....hmmm me thinks MONEY talked and your bullshit walked right into the nearest BofA with a fat deposit.

But Slade I'm going to take a different approach to your comments, maybe it was Catherine Hardwick's direction you didn't like and couldnt understand why she was suddenly considered this great director. Honestly I can relate to that, yeah she did a fine job and maybe someone could have done better but I can't cry about spilled milk. Maybe, you simply don't like romantic vampires movies unless they were biting each other till they hit their happy bliss (you know what I mean!).
Well what ever your reasoning for the dumb ass remarks we Twilight Saga fans are stuck with you. I just hope you can use your over inflated ego for something good like a great movie. But don't get it twisted Slade the Twi fans are watching you and in case you didnt know it we're extremely vocal....ask Kristen (i.e. twilight fans are psycho comment).




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  1. Right on sister! I about flipped my wig when I read the article. What a douche. I mean seriously they took his twitter account down so peeps cant read the douche bag comments he said about the cast! Hopefully the money is enough of a motivator to make a great Eclipse. Cause its my fave book and I will go all kinds of crazy if he effs it up.

  2. Well, obviously money is the motivating factor here, so hopefully that greed will continue to drive him enough to do Eclipse justice. I guess he doesn't have to like it or the cast for that matter, but ultimately it's his head and reputation on the line.

  3. what the hell was summit thinking? i had no idea about his comments. now i'm extra skeptical.

  4. I love your letter! You said everything so perfectly!