Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nikki Reed Reveals Secrets From The Set Of 'New Moon'

Although you won't be seeing a lot of Nikki Reed or the rest of the Cullen clan in "Twilight" sequel "New Moon" when it opens this fall, Reed has stopped by the set enough times to know that fans are going to be psyched by what they'll see in theaters later this year.

"The Cullens aren't really in the second book and the studio was trying to stay true to the books," she told MTV News. "I was sort of surprised by the few scenes that I watched. I feel like they're gonna be great, and the movie as a whole will be wonderful and [director] Chris [Weitz] is doing an amazing job."

But the Cullens are in a very pivotal scene in both the book and the film. And Reed insists that when fans get to finally see Bella's now-infamous 18th-birthday scene, it will be the fact that they played it out in an understated way that will make all the difference.
"[There isn't] that much [blood], believe it or not," she said. "Unless they plan on adding stuff in on post [production]. But I think that's the whole point is that we don't need a massive amount of blood to get feisty."

With "New Moon" underway, plans are already being made for its follow-up, "Eclipse," and Reed has already had talks with its director, David Slade. "I met with him while I was there [on set]," she said. "I think he's going to be fantastic. Each film is going to get better and better. We've all figured out our characters and we're all just excited. We're making a fun series."



  1. Excellent job on your first blog, girl, and Welcome "Home"!

  2. I'm so happy they're staying true to the book!
    Congrats on your first blog!
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Nice to know about that info. I'm so thrilled that the stars are so concerned with the books and the movies and how they turn out. And it's nice to know how planned they are ahead of time.

    Congrats on your first blog! Perf@

  4. I agree Princess Twilight! They needed to focus on telling the RIGHT story and making it right this time around! I know they won't be in it much BUT I look forward to the beginning and END!!! GO ALICE!! *ummm yay Jacob?* *washes mouth with soap* But I guess it will be interesting to see the transformations!

    Edward leaves...*lip quivers* better be good and not that hospital scene routine....OK OK I vented enough! Thanks Christina!

    The 3rd movie, needs to stay on course as well!!! Ok November here we come!!! Who's coming with us?