Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Trifecta of Awesome: Bobby, Sam and Marcus TOGETHER

Two of our sisters were lucky enough to attend TwiCon in Dallas this weekend, and between their emails, texts and tweets I was beside myself with second-hand excitement for them.

But when they told me that 3/4ths of the infamous Brit Pack, Bobby Long, Marcus Foster and Sam Bradley, were on stage performing TOGETHER well... I died a little bit. Word on the street is they played I am Broken (made famous by none other than Mr. Rob Pattinson), so if anyone has that video I am going to need you to stop what you are doing IMMEDIATELY and post that some place that I can see it.

As it is, I did happen to find footage of them playing Crooked Sky. And to say it is amazing and chill-inducing is a gross understatement.



Bobby Long is playing this Wednesday, August 6th at Hotel Cafe in LA, and Marcus Foster is playing the Friday the 8th and Saturday the 9th. If you're in the area, we'll see you there! Come say hi to the Sisterhood. We don't bite... unless you ask us too. *wink*


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