Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jackson Rathbone finds his Girlfriend

Jackson Rathbone's new Girlfriend co-star will be played by actress Shannon Woodward. Hollywood Crush recently had an interview with the actress.
HOLLYWOOD CRUSH: Tell me a bit about "Girlfriend" — what is your character like?

SHANNON WOODWARD: "Girlfriend" is kind of like a strange love story, but with several different people involved. I think my character is kind of a troubled, incredibly young mother who has very different and, at some points, very strained and strange relationships with several different people, like romantic relationships.

How would you categorize the film? Would you call it a romance?

No. its like a very strange, dark, indie drama. I wouldn't call it a love story, but there are certainly love stories involved. I think that they're all love stories in different characters eyes, but its kind of a tragedy.

Would you say you're the central character of the story?

Yes, I am the central character of the story, but its also kind of an ensemble around my character. I'm not the only central character, but I would say there are two or three.

Do you think you fit the role of Candy? Why did this character draw you to her?

Its definitely something that I've never done before, and its a role with a lot of depth as well as it's a very unique story, which is why its difficult to describe so vaguely. There are very few roles for young women where there is room to actually make kind of artistic choices. And there's a lot of room to breathe.

Who are some of the other main actors who are going to be in this?

As far as I know, there's Jackson and then Amanda Plumber is going to be in the movie as well. I'm not sure about the other people yet.

How are all the characters' stories going to connect?

Well, I mean, Jackson and I, we were kind of high school sweethearts, and now we've got this very broken, strained, ex-kind of relationships, where the relationship still exists but its very fragmented now ... it gets more difficult to explain [laughs].

Had you met Jackson before?

I have not met Jackson. I've heard good things about him.

Are you ready for all the "Twilight" hysteria that's going to follow you now that you're connected to someone who stars in the vampire franchise?

Oh gosh. No no, but Id be honored. I should be so lucky for people to care.

How do you feel about the fact that this project could be getting extra attention just because its connected to "Twilight"?

I think its great. This is an art film, and if it introduces a new audience to a film they wouldn't have seen for any other reason, then I think that that's a great thing. I think that there are a lot of teenagers who would be interested in "Twilight" who are also interested in seeing interesting dark, gritty movies.

Have you seen "Twilight"?

Have I seen "Twilight"? Who hasn't? Of course Ive seen it! [Laughs]

What's next for you after "Girlfriend" wraps?

I'm not sure. Right now I'm just preparing to do this movie. There are things that I'm interested in doing, but movies take a while to be set up. I enjoy film. I'm a cinefile. So I hopefully will be lucky enough to, you know, do other things, like this movie, that I think are really special.

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Source: Hollywood Crush


  1. I LOVE Shannon Woodward. I think she will be perfect for Jackson in Girlfriend!!

  2. Darn it, I clicked on the link to the blog hoping to see my picture next to Jackson's. Sigh.

  3. Its ok RobotMoose, there are still other projects for you and Jackson!

  4. *sigh* Jackson! <3 *sigh* xxx

  5. Evan Sneider's New Girlfriend co star played by actress Shannon Woodward

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  7. Shannon woodward does not belong with Jackson
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  11. Shannon woodward is one of the best actress in the film. Jackson is the best actor in the film


  12. Shannon woodward is not the first choice for her part in GIRLFRIEND. There is no Chemistry with Shannon Woodward


  13. Shannon Woodward is not the first choice for her part in the movie GIRLFRIEND. There is no Chemistry with Shannon Woodward