Friday, August 14, 2009

Kristen Breaks Down in New Moon

Let's be honest here; most of you know I'm not exactly Kristen's biggest supporter and for the most part think she has the emotional range of a teaspoon. That being said, I can imagine how daunting it must have been for her going into New Moon and how draining the emotional scenes must have been for her.

Actress Kristen Stewart has revealed that she secretly sobbed before shooting an emotional scene for the film The Twilight Saga: New Moon, fearing that she might fail to give a great performance. The actress plays heroine Bella Swan in the famous vampire franchise, which tells the story of a mortal who falls in love with a kindly bloodsucker, played by Robert Pattinson.

She was worried that her fans would be disappointed if she did not properly portray the intense sadness her character feels when her vampire lover leaves her. Thinking that, she sobbed uncontrollably before she was due on set.

“Before the scene, I was sitting in my car, like, fucking crying - crying so hard you can't breathe, because I was really overwhelmed and intimidated by the scene,” Contact music quoted her as having told

“Everyone says, ‘She better be able to pull off the emotion in this movie!' And it's such an important moment in the book, when he leaves. I'm thinking, We have to be done now. Just tell me we're done,” she added

I hope she pulls it off, but the fact that she is taking it so seriously goes a long way with me. Maybe.


  1. I hope she pulls if off as well. I have a feeling she will. The previews for NM have been phenominal and if that is any indication I have no doubt that this will ne a great movie!

  2. I appreciate that she understands how important the emotion is but I still won't forgive her if she screws it up.

  3. Orionsgirl, I think it's kinda unfair that you 'won't forgive her if she screws up.'
    If she does screw up, which I doubt, people saying stuff like this won't make her feel better. Just think of all the pressure she's under.

  4. Kristen Stewart had a great appearance in Blue Moon! she is the prettiest actor of TW's movies i know:) i hope she'll go forward in the movies business, she got the potential!