Tuesday, August 25, 2009

SNL WishList

With the announcement that actress Megan Fox will host the SNL season Premiere, Hollywood Crush has put up their SNL Host Wish List:

1. Robert Pattinson
Fans have been petitioning for nearly a year to have the dashing Brit take the "SNL" stage. Though Lorne nixed the idea for last season, he did tell OK! magazine that he'd be open to having the "New Moon" star on the upcoming season. Paging Kristen Stewart: we'd also love to see you cameo!

2. Leighton Meester
For a series that launched a thousand text messages, you'd think "Gossip Girl" would get a few more XOs from the sketch comedy show. (Blake Lively did have a brief cameo in the odd digital short "Hey! (Murray Hill)" last season.) We respectfully nominate Queen Bee Leighton, who can pull double duty as host and musical guest alongside her "Good Girls Go Bad" collaborators Cobra Starship.

3. Chris Pine
After making a splash in this spring's "Star Trek" movie, Chris , who celebrates his 29th birthday this week, was beamed to the "SNL" Weekend Update desk for a cameo alongside costar Zachary Quinto. But that just wasn't enough. With Chris' horror-thriller flick "Carriers" due out in September, we think it would logical to tap the hunk for a repeat performance.

4. Ashlee Simpson-Wentz
Remember 2004? When the economy was good? And Ashlee (without that hyphen) did that funny little jig on "SNL" after her backing track went haywire? Well, a hosting gig could finally put that whole, sordid affair to rest for the "Melrose Place" star. Maybe if Ashlee's a really good sport, she'd even do a parody of herself.

5. Sam Worthington
To be honest, we have no idea whether the dashing Australian's funny bone is anywhere near as big as his bicep. But even if it's not, 1.5 hours with the 33-year-old "Avatar" star (without the $12.50 cineplex fee), couldn't be all bad.

Source: Hollywood Crush


  1. How dare you reject Rob! You know what, maybe he is too good for SNL now! *slap*

  2. I know!! That's why that show SUCKS!!!

  3. AShley Simpson!? ARE YOU KIDDING!!!?? Ugh. Megan Fox, Ugh. Rob, eh. We'll see about that one.