Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Two Nights with Marcus Foster

Meet Marcus Foster

All my Marcus Foster alerts are about Marcus comments regarding his best friend. Screw the friend its all about Marcus (disclaimer: I think his FRIEND is adorable but this is about Marcus)!! Hey audience attendees did you not enjoy the deliciousness that is Marcus Foster? Did they even pay attention to the way that man plays a guitar? WTF people get your head out of the sand and pay attention, I have a story about a man name Marcus, and he hails from London. He finally made a trek to the United States and played at the Hotel Café in Los Angeles for the first time this past Friday & Saturday evening. And let me tell you it was an experience I will never forget.

Ami has been waiting for Marcus to come to the Los Angeles for awhile. All through the show she was completely giddy and singing along. We both were in awe by the time we got in line to speak with him. We aked who he'd like to do a duet with but he had so many names he couldn't choose. He did say he would love to work with Tom Waits since he's his biggest influence but would be too nervous to talk. Yah Marcus we know the feeling.

I thought this picture was so cute I had to include it. He's just seems like one of those guys you would love to have a beer with and joke around.

Like most people I was unfamiliar with Marcus Foster’s music I knew he was one of the co-writers for Twilight’s Let Me Sign but other than that nothing. And instead of going to his myspace page to familiarize myself I decided to wait to see him live when he played at the Hotel Café here in Los Angeles. Still on my high from Bobby Long Wednesday & Thursday night I was excited to see this guy everyone from Larrami to the ladies from the Land of Dreamers was raving out.
How do I describe Marcus Foster?.....He is James Dean and Bob Dylan with a Chris Martin twist all wrapped into one. If you loved Rob Pattinson and his style of music on the Twilight soundtrack then you NEED TO LISTEN TO MARCUS FOSTER. After one song I realized Marcus is who RPattz patterns himself after.
From the moment he walked on stage Marcus owned it, he had the audience captivated. I loved his charismatic antics on stages. In between songs he kept the crowd with witty banter but as he perform you were entranced with his words. I have to say most of the time I was just staring at his hands as he played the guitar and on Saturday night he played the piano for his Tom Waits cover. Yeah my mouth just about fell open at that point.
I'm sorry have we met? I'm Tammy and I'm a picture whore. Of course I got another picture with Marcus. I wanted to go home have a beer and pretend I could play the guitar just like him but we all know I can barely play a chord. This picture will keep me tide over until I see him next time. By the time the ladies from Twilight Sisterhood left we knew we were fans (sadly this fan lost her new Marcus Foster CD due to her drunken ways after the concert! URGH!).

Night One

Night Two


  1. He was AMAZING!! Can't wait for him to come back to LA!

  2. great pics and video tam! i am so sad i missed him, and hope he comes back soon. (damn you chicago.)

  3. *sigh* Such a brilliant talent and adorable too. That was so much fun, certainly two nights to remember. You know I hate my pic taken, but that one of the three of us turned out pretty good. Great review, bb!

  4. I do believe I took one of those pics of you Ami! Yay!!

  5. LiL T you were missed!
    Tara yes you played photographer and I thank you!
    Ami u were like a kid in the candy store, it was so cute! Most of the video I have from the first night you're singing and laughing.

  6. I am so in love with Marcus, Bobby & Sam!!!! You wrote about him perfectly.. he is SO AWESOME! I was one of those girls that were giddy and sang along! I will admit to being excited that RP was there but when Marcus was in the room.. it was all about him! So funny and such a cutie! Ahh.. I am still happy from last week! Love it all Tammy!

  7. Tammy this is SUCH a great review!!! I am a HUGE Marcus fan. I have to say I was lucky enough to see him at his first every US show in Dallas and he was AMAZING. I saw him both times he played there and loved every second and I hope to be able to see him again. I was bewitched by his raspy voice, the way his hands played the strings on the guitar and the passion he emitted. He makes me melt...

  8. Tammy thanks for the great write up on Marcus! I love this man and I am finally getting to see him on Sunday in NY! I know Rob is his friend but once you hear Marcus sing you kind of forget that and focus his music, thanks for noticing that. Sorry u lost his CD u will just have to listen on myspace and I am sure ur friend told u about his 6 song EP on iTunes you can buy. Thanks again!!


  9. I love Marcus - "Tumble Down" is my fave song but I love "I Don't Mind" and "Shadows of the City" too! I'm going to see him play in London this Friday - eeek!
    Eyes of Amber featured a special on him over at t5m:
    Enjoy :)