Friday, October 23, 2009

Rob's Total Film Interview

How was it reuniting with Kristen Stewart for New Moon?

"There’s a natural chemistry going on with Kristen. Even doing this sequel, it’s so easy… I was really worried that I wouldn’t know how to do it again, but it’s so easy to play off her. She always says that she pretty much got me the part – though I don’t really believe her!"

What sort of arc does Edward go through this time?

"He’s always talking in the first one. “I need to make the right decision. I need to do stuff for you, for you, for you.” And he makes a decisive move, which is to leave her, and he completely believes it’s for her own good.

But in his heart, he obviously realizes it’s completely wrong. And it takes him the whole movie to realize the profundity of his mistake. So that’s what his arc his.

The world forces him to realize he needs to be with Bella, and there’s no way around it"

So New Moon takes a similar serious approach to teen love as Twilight?

"I think no one really knew what we were working with when Twilight happened.

And because of the in-roads we made in saying it’s not going to be a typical teen film or a sappy love story, it does allow us in the second one to have a certain degree of seriousness. Even more so."

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  1. Cute Rob, he must be getting better at this! Natural chemistry huh? Sure I BET! GO ROBSTEN!