Friday, October 9, 2009

Boycott Robsessed DVD!

The people behind the unauthorized and unofficial (read: load of crap) Robsessed "documentary" have been engaging in some very underhanded tactics to try to gain publicity within the Twi-world - including stealing content from some of our favorite Twi-bloggers and claiming as their own.

From Robsessed's blog:

A couple of days ago from Revolver Entertainment contacted us to ask if we wanted to partner with them. We have not replied to them since we had no intention of associating with a DVD that's sole purpose was to make money off Robert Pattinson's back. It's an unauthorized DVD that is just trying to cash in on Rob's fame.

Now they are copying our blog WORD FOR WORD at their website. We are not disclosing their website address since the only reason they have gone to such low measures as stealing our content is because they are trying to go up in google rank and promote their crappy DVD. Please do not go to their website out of curiosity since that is what they want and are doing this anyways.


The Robsessed-DVD website has now taken down our content and went back to their original of promoting their crappy DVD. We never heard back from Revolver Entertainment but we assume they got our cease and desist.

We'd like to thank all our readers, our fellow bloggers, website owners (some of which aren't even Robert Pattinson/Twilight sites), our friends for their support. Plagiarism is an awful crime and we should always stick together to fight it.

Our stand on the DVD is still the same. It's unauthorized, Robert Pattinson is not getting a dime from it and they managed to anger us, the fan base by stealing. They claim it's an "all-access DVD" I wonder who/what else they "accessed" without permission.

The Twilight Sisterhood asks that none of their readers purchase this DVD. As noted, Rob is not seeing a dime from it - and as someone already hounded day and night by the media, he does not need anyone else trying to capitalize on his utter lack of privacy.

As Gossip Cop said:

We find the unauthorized and often invasive exploitation of stars for profit to be heinous, especially when, as in this case, those stars have been particularly scarred by interactions with the media.

We’re very encouraged to see fans stand up to shameless profiteering, especially when the offending party has wronged not only the celebrity, but also the fans who put time and effort into content without intending to make a dollar from it.

So, let's be respectful fans and choose to stand against those who try to exploit the guy we love so much.

Because exploitation and invasion of privacy make Rob sad. :(

Thanks! :)


  1. So sad...I really hate that people will take advantage of Rob and his fans like that.

  2. Thank you so much for the support :)

  3. Thanks for posting Lil T, this is completely and utterly disgraceful! We are the Sisterhood will have NO PART in this and support Robsessed 100%! Thank you all readers and supporters!

  4. This is crap! I cannot believe they would try to do this and make money off of his name that way.