Thursday, October 15, 2009

100 Monkeys Hosting NewCon Festival

NewCon 2009 in Nashville

It's official! The 100 Monkeys are hosting the NewCon Festival the weekend of November 6th through the 8th at the Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

NewCon will gear their daily events around things that are fun for the guests and the cast, which include art and poetry contests as well as musical acts. Winners from these contests get a private meet & greet with attending cast and band members. In addition, the winning poet will also have their work read LIVE at Saturday's ball by an attending cast member.

Jackson Rathbone and his band, 100 Monkeys, will soon be tweeting about their 'design your own t-shirt' contest. The winning shirt will actually get printed as a limited edition item and sold on their website. All of the money from the sale of the winning t-shirt will be donated to the Spencer Bell Legacy project. If you don't know about Spencer Bell yet, you should click on the Spencer Bell button on our site or visit .

The band will also be having an open JAM session for any musicians that want to participate. If that's you, bring your bongos and let's make it happen. Jackson will also be bringing in other celebrities just for fun. It's going to be a great weekend. 100 Monkeys will be headlining a concert Saturday night after the ball.

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  1. I wish, wish, wish I could go. I have obligations that weekend or the concert alone would be tempting and worth the long drive. Jackson is the man and I loves me some 100 Monkeys.