Monday, August 3, 2009

Sam Bradley, Marcus Foster & Bobby Long at Poor Davids Pub in Dallas

Fellow Sister Dani went with me to several of the shows over the weekend but out of all the shows we saw this was one of my absolute FAVORITE parts. At the very end of Marcus singing he called Sam out and he got up on stage and sang "I Was Broken"with Marcus. It was nothing short of amazing! This video is dedicated too all my Sisters! We were thinking of you all then entire time wishing you were there to share this with us.

When Marcus sang this version of Kiss Is A Knife I about melted. His raspy voice gets me every time.

Bobby singing Left To Lie - I love it how the version you hear recorded and the version you hear live is exactly the same. BUT seeing him sing it live is OMG Panty melter! The image will be seared in my hear for eternity.

Last but certainly not least my Sam...Nothing like a Brit singing some country while visiting Texas! Yee Haw!! Enjoy all.. I had so much fun listening to him sing this song!!


  1. The show was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! My first and I am now loving all 3 of the guys. I actually squealed that you had the Boot Scoot video on here!

  2. Awww Chris I wish I could have been there with you!! You seem to have so much fun!!!
    luv ya sister!

  3. I had a blast! It was so much fun sharing all my escapades with yall! Next year VEGAS! We will all do it together! Loves to u too!

  4. Stephanie I had so much fun listening to all three of them sing but when Sam started singing country?? Oh holy hell! He just had me then! That man knows how to play a crowd and it was the perfect song! He said his main goal was to have fun right??