Monday, August 3, 2009

My Dallas Twicon Adventure - Part One

First off let me start by saying that I have NEVER had this much fun in one place in such a short span of time. I remained quite overwhelmed the entire weekend so deciding where to begin and what to say is going to be quite a challenge.

Thursday was mostly just getting registered and a welcome reception so there was not too much going on Twilight wise. I do have to say that the amount of people that were in one room at the same time was quite astounding. It was so jam packed I was not at all sure where to go or what to do. My sister-in -Law and I arrived at about 3:30 and it took us about 1 hour and 37 minutes to get through registration (I believe I owe Tara a gift.). This left us just enough time to browse the vendor tables and get upstairs in time for the dinner.

Friday is the beginning of what I would like to call the most EPIC weekend in my life! I got to meet everyone from the cast of the Hillywood show, which were nice as could be, to the guys in the Evil Iguanas, who shared their pez with me (and I am ADDICTED to pez!). They had the Mitch Hansen Band on the premises along with the Twilight Music Girls and the Bella Cullen Project. All of these things were fantastic and everyone was very friendly.

BUT, my favorite meet of the day was Sage. Yes! I have a HUGE girl crush!! I just happened to walk up to her table when no one was there and she was so friendly and "Normal". I know, I know these guys are all normal people too but sometimes when you get star struck you forget all that. We talked about the Sisterhood and Tammy (YES!!! She remembered EXACTLY who our Tammy and the Sisterhood is!) We discussed her music and all the changes that are happening. She is no longer with the Dills, she is just Sage now and has been super busy. Sage did a performance with Josiah Leming that afternoon and it was absolutely fantastic! I was in the front row and giddy fan girl the entire time! Check out the video below.

Check out her My Space page at

I'm going to close part one here but keep your eyes opened because there is much more to come!!! I still have video of Bobby, Sam, Marcus and the 100 Monkeys. Not to mention lots of pics, my autograph session with Kellan Lutz my surprise run it with Sam Bradley and Marcus Foster at 5AM with my fantastic girl Dani and my VERY special autographed T-shirt that now has MUCH more the Monkeys on it!!! I Still have Friday night and alll day Saturday to go and it ONLY gets better! I cant wait to share the rest with you!

XOXO Christina


  1. did josiah play any of his songs? any video?

  2. Josiah sang a song about a fly which was absolutly hysterical! I LOVED it! But aside from that I dont believe he did any performances on his own at all. Just this one with Sage. They only played for about half an hour (I WISH they played longer)and did about 4 songs. Unfortunatly the battery on my camera was dying so I only got this one video and some pictures.

  3. Great start to an EPIC weekend! Can't wait for the the rest!