Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kellan Lutz knows talks working out

I have something in common with Kellan Lutz - We both get bored at the gym and we hate to run, personally I'm a walker but I still hate it.
The New Moon star says he hates running and finds going to the gym boring, so he hits the water in order to keep his body looking toned and tasty.
“I get bored when I’m in the gym,” Lutz told Seventeen Magazine in a new interview. “I usually can’t just lift weights without music. I get bored easily — I always have to be doing something active.
I've been told to buy one of these things but I guess even the most fit needs a pedometer. Now as for me working out during commericals....well that interfers with my candid Kellan picture watch.But he's right crunches during commericals will do a body good.
In addition, the hunky actor, 24, wears a pedometer to track how far he walkseach day and how many calories he burns. “I wear this thing as much as I can
just for fun. It’s a motivator,” he added. “If you watch TV a lot, it’s always
good to not be a coach potato and do push-ups or crunches or lift some weights
when the commercials are happening,” Kellan said.
I love guru Kellan!
source: Showbiz Spy


  1. As long as he keeps taking his shirt off he can work out how ever he wants...

  2. Great, now I'm going to be picturing him lifting weights while I'm watching commercials... sigh.